Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Pajama Pants

DD#2's pajama pants are 99% done. Here they are:

Yes, they are LONG! I'm standing on my toes in this pic--she's too busy to model them these days :( . The hem is temporary until I wash them one last time for any progressive shrinkage then I'll put in a permanent hem. She is quite adamant that they not be short since all her RTW ones shrink up and become floods. There's no worry about that with these!

And what's with plain colors as opposed to all those wonderful flannel prints out there??? She picked out light green flannel and pink flannel-backed satin and passed by some incredibly cute prints like the polka dots she had in her hands for a while.

A word of warning too. We went down to JoAnn's because the flannel was on sale. Of course, the flannel-backed satin was not on sale and I said to her, "Are you sure these are both on sale?" She replied they were and I got a nice little surprise at the register. At that point she was so excited about her pants that I couldn't say no. Teens simply don't pay attention to those sale signs because they're not footing the bill.

There are more details in my pattern review about this pajama pants endeavor, but suffice it to say it was gratifying sewing. When someone loves the end result, the time spent on the project was well worth. And truthfuly, this project hardly took any time at all. Next I'll use my serger for a super speedy pair. That is, after I spend at least a half hour changing the foot and serger threads LOL.


Alexandra said...

Long is good. I can relate to your DD's feelings about pants that shrink to high-waters.

kasizzle said...

My daughter just mentioned that she wants me to make her some pajamas, too.
I will pay full price if it means it will be something she likes!

2BSewing said...

Glad to hear that DD is enjoying her new jama bottom. It is the greatest feeling to sew something for someone and see them enjoying a special creation. Great job! :)

Tamara said...

Great job Mom! I left you a Excellent Blog award over at my blog. I so enjoy reading what you have to say and seeing what you create. Thanks for being excellent!