Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Relaxation at Last!

Deadlines do nothing for me. Nothing positive, that is. They make me stressed and sweat the small stuff which I don't normally do. Suffice it to say I was a happy woman when I finished my red, leather bag. To do all that work with such little available free time and not make the 4/30 deadline date? I would have been bummed. But it actually happened on time :) ! Here's the finished bag that I just reviewed yesterday. The details are in the bag review on my sidebar.

So now I'm going to relax and tend to the homefront. I have much paperwork and housework to do and my house is a mess. I need to take a few days off from doing any sewing and just concentrate on that. It's not that I don't want to sew, it's just that I've put everything else on the backburner and I have to get those things done...uh, *now*! No more putting them off.

Which leads me to another question. Does anyone ever NOT lose their sewing mojo? I know people talk about getting back into their sewing groove. I don't think that has ever happened to me. I always want to sew. It's like a 24/7 kind of thing for me. Many years ago during summer vacation when I was in high school, I'd disappear into the basement and sit at my sewing machine for hours on end until I had to go to my part-time job. It used to irritate me that I'd have to stop sewing and go to work.

For several years I only did sporadic sewing because the kids were so little and took up all my time. Then they grew, started school, and there was more time to sew. I've never had to find my sewing mojo because it was always there, at times repressed just because of life issues. So I'm going to take a few days off, get some housework done, and think about future projects. Three I've already thought of. I want to make denim purses--one for each softball team that DD#2 is on with the appropriate logo, and one for Varsity tennis for DD#1. I'd make one for track but we only have two home meets per season. Then maybe one for baseball because of the boys. I have the embroidery designs for all three sports. Maybe I'll even get some requests and sell a few along the way.

More ideas and projects to be though over the next several days. Eventually I'll sew up that winter coat that is already cut out and has been sitting on my couch for 6 weeks.


Lindsay T said...

I definitely lost my sewing mojo for several years due to these factors: kids, no decent fabric stores in area, inability to pick a decent pattern that looked good on me. My mojo is back, though I'm still feeling my way with what looks good/bad on me.

Paula said...

I lost my mojo when DD3 no longer wanted to wear what I could/was willing to sew and I realized my body had changed to the point where things no longer fit out of the envelope.

As for that other thing...having to go to a job alwasy makes me grumpy!

Alexandra said...

Great bag! Love the red leather!
My mojo went on vacation sometime last week but it's back now.

kasizzle said...

Love the red bag, it's gorgeous!
I had no desire to sew for a very long time after taking the position of costume director at the studio my DD was dancing. I worked for a very difficult person and it felt like she sucked the life right out of me! Thank goodness those days are over.
I also lack motivation when I feel clothes don't look good on me.

Jackie said...

Your bag is gorgeous! In the past, I've had times where I did not sew a stitch but still bought fabrics and patterns. But I think I've paid the price because when I go to my closet and see nothing I want to wear and end up reaching for the same things repeatedly. Thankfully, I've got back into the groove in this last year especially since discovering the blog world! Reading about what everyone is creating is very inspiring for me!

Beth H said...

The bag is gorgeous! As for my personal mojo, well, it goes AWOL about twice a year. It always deserts me in August when it is too hot to breathe and definitely too hot to wear clothes. It usually deserts me right after Christmas for a few days, too.

jemima bean said...

Oh the little bags are such an awesome idea!! I may have to do that for Lu's team. If i can find the time between ball field runs, LOL!! :D (They totally all have to say "good girls steal" too, haha)

I've lost my mojo for "days" but never for months or years at a time. And usually its just for busy life reasons...I've got so much other to do that I can't devote the time/energy to a project. So I push it to the backburner and lose interest in it. I'm not a several-project girl. I pick one do one finish one and move on to the next (or they never get finished.)

I hope your games went well today! We won last night and Lu hit a homer, her first this season. Woohoo!

Keely said...

The bag is beautiful. Great job. My mojo sporadically disappears, usually after I've not been able to sew for a while then suddenly can - but can't, if you know what I mean.