Monday, April 7, 2008

Handbags and No-Vice April

I was visiting Jemima Bean's Blog yesterday and she was discussing No-Soda April. Well, soda is not my vice. Chocolate of any kind and Frito-Lay brand crunchy cheese doodles are a huge weakness for me. So instead of giving up soda, I've decided to do my own thing and give up my two favorite junk food things for the rest of the month. Calling it my own, No-Vice April. Seriously, I'll probably lose at least 4 lbs in doing so, so that tells you how much I love that stuff. I'm going to look into some healthier snack food for the weekend. My DH raved about some baked, spicy chick peas they used to have at the Italian Feasts in NYC when he was a kid so I'm going to try to make some of those as an alternative. Tried once and it was okay, but experimentation will make for some better ones I'm sure. If I could lose my taste for crunchy cheese doodles over the next several weeks, that would surely be a good thing.

Today I worked on the lining for several handbags. I think I can get them all done by tomorrow except for embellishing. Anything artistic like embellishing takes me several days to get those creative juices flowing in my brain. During the artistic brain wave stage, I can work on my muslin bag for the contest. There is no way I'm going to cut into my leather skin until the muslin bag is done and "proofed", but I'm SO looking forward to having a red leather bag in a style that I can't find in any stores.

Also, thanks everyone for the outfit comments. When I saw several people mentioning the black pants, it was an "oh-no" moment LOL :) . You see, these RTW pants look fine from the front. But my rear view has the signature RTW style of a baggy, saggy butt. However, here's the solution. Just don't take of my wool, black pea coat when I'm at church! Yep, that'll do it. Until I can work with that HP Jenious Jeans pattern that will be arriving any day now. It sure would be nice to say adios to a poor rear view.


Rhoto said...

"baggy, saggy butt" Tee! Hee!!
Soft hug,
Round (all over) Rhonda in Montreal!!

PS Did you tally your votes for your Church outfit?? Just wondering...

Paula said...

If you're going to roast chick peas, I recommend starting with dry beans and soaking and cooking them yourself. The canned ones taste funny. But if you start from scratch, they're okay.

Robin said...

Yeah, soda's not my vice either. Mine would be WINE. I would lose at least 5 pounds if I cut it out, but I wouldn't have as much fun :(