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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Time to Sew, But a Good Reason Why!

There has been no time to sew the last 1 1/2 weeks. And the reason is below. Our precious little baby boy, Riley. He's a Sphynx, and Oh-So-Cute!!! That is, if you like the look of hairless cats lol. He's a little lavender boy with handsome green eyes. We got him from the same breeder as Jake, our Devon Rex.

Our cat boys are doing their best to get along. Jake loves this new little boy and trills like crazy. We have to keep them apart at night because they both love to play, however, Jake is a lot bigger than Riley and can play harder. Not always "fair play". Riley sleeps in the boys' room at night, and Jake sits outside the bedroom door trying to open it. In the morning, he meows like crazy for Riley to come out.

It is truly like having a newborn baby in the house with an older sibling. They have to constantly be watched. Yes, kittens are cute, but they take a LOT of work. Off to take my shower while the cat boys are napping...

Here are some pics of our little youngster:

My youngest son holding Riley at the breeder the day we picked him up.

Little Riley likes being between the couch cushion and back. I can't adjust my slipcovers because of him!

The boys together on Riley's second day home:

Even boys need their beauty sleep:

Zoning out in our noisy house:

Still zoning...

Jake and Riley trying to bond:

Those eyes! Same color as my sister's lol. Bright, light green!

More beauty sleep for a very active kitten!

What does he feel like? A hot water bottle! He has a slight downy feel, but very warm to the touch. I'm going to pull some knits out of my stash today and make him some clothes for cooler days. There's plenty of fleece in my stash for nice Fall/Winter/Early Spring attire as well. Nudey beauties like Riley need clothes for cooler weather ahead. Good thing his Momma sews!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jake and the Coverstitch Machine

It's late, but I had to post this. I know the post title should be, "Don't Let Your Cat Do this!" or "This is Dangerous for Cats!", but it was also cute when it happened. I have since put everything away. Nothing can happen to my little boy, Jake, because we all love him so. Cats and sewing don't always mix well but...

This just was so darned cute. I got out my Coverstitch machine to work on topstitching my swimsuit and guess who suddenly took an interest in my machine!?!? My little baby. Before I got him interested in something else, I snapped these pics of him:

He was batting the threads and rubbing the telescoping bar while I was trying to rethread:

Exploring the nooks and crannies...

Discovered his own use for the telescopic bar :( ...

As well as finding pleasure in the cone holders :( ...
He was redirected toward a nice, plush piece of fleece that he can burrow into. He LOVES to burrow, so he lost interest in my Coverstitch. But I loved that he at least took an interest in it.
Nighty night!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress on the Halter Dress

Progress is being made on my Amy Butler halter dress. These are pics from last night.
The front top and front skirt:

The back. No zipper as called for in the pattern because I'm using a very nice knit with good stretch. I did run clear elastic in a casing on the upper back edge to prevent "loose droop". I did this on my previous halter top from this pattern--a necessity IMO. Even with altering the back to fit, I think it still needs some elastic snugness to look and feel just right.

Here's a closeup of the edgestitching on the front. The knit won't hold a press well, so this stitching was a must.

I did get an hour's worth of time to work on it this afternoon. Right now I'm tweaking the side seams and may pull up more elastic on the upper back edge. It's pretty close to done, and I think I'm liking it. Don't know for sure because DD#2 backed up into my full length mirror and it cracked it several places. was just months old! Not have a full-length mirror for sewing is the pits.

I'll leave you with pics of our sleeping beauty--Jake. He falls asleep in strange positions and has the neck thing going on in each one. Either falling off the edge or hanging down from his tube on his tree. His first birthday is quickly approaching, and we're planning a little party for him :) . Cake, special cat treats and cat toys.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

HS Graduation and Mad Dash Sewing

Last Monday I was catching up on blog reading and read a post by Debbie Cook. She had posted about making a graduation dress in the nick of time, and I thought, "Oh my gosh! I have nothing to wear for DD#1's graduation!" So the 'ol noodle got a hummin' about what's in the fabric stash.

Last year I bought a nice black/green/white ITY print from Spandex World for my maxi dress pattern but it never got made. So I pulled it out and thought about using it for a dress from my CJ Wrap Top pattern from last week. The top was such a nice fit and style that it seemed a natural for a dress.

Here is a full pic of my dress and a closeup:

This was truly mad dash sewing! I cut out the pattern on Thursday night by lengthening the pattern 15 inches and adding an inch at the front and back side seam from the hipline down. I created princess seams for a better back fit and a CB seam in case I needed a slit (not necessary). On Friday, I worked on it for about 45 minutes right after the boys got on the bus, but had to stop for Bring-Your-Pet-To-School day. (BTW, Jake was okay with it, but doesn't particularly care for dogs.) Then I picked up DD#1 at the high school, had a snack, took her to the mall for her last-minute-Susie activity of picking out a graduation dress and shoes. I got home at 12:30, ate lunch, and worked on my dress from about 1:30 - 3:30. Then I had to go out and pick up pizza and take her to CVS for mascara.

The total sewing time for the dress was about 2 1/2 hours. I lost time in the morning because my machine was fussy with skipped stitches. I switched needles, then switched to Mettler thread which worked like a charm. It was truly the fastest dress I've ever made, and yes, it was hurry, hurry, hurry! The neckline and armholes were turned under and coverstitched. That really saved heaps of time. I put in a temporary hem for the evening to make sure it was a suitable length. I pegged the hem on each side seam, but will probably peg it a little bit more. In the next few days, the permanent hem will be coverstitched.

Some people thrive on sewing on a deadline. I find it somewhat stressful. However, it was truly sewing like my sister. When I was a kid and she was in high school, I was truly in awe how she could wake up, know she wanted a specific garment, cut it out and sew it up to wear that evening by 6 p.m. My own sewing has never been like that. So it was really nice to know that I could pull off this mad dash sewing like my sister did many years ago.

This dress is really one of my faves. I love the style and print. The only thing about the print is that it hides the wrap and gathering detail. Do you know what my thoughts were on this? Maybe black piping down the princess seams would give it an edgy look. The seams and gathering detail get lost, but I don't think it detracts from the dress, but a contrast piping would enhance it, at least the princess seams that is. What do you think dear readers? I'll probably try that when using a print next time around.

On to DD#1, we have our first high school graduate! One down, three to go. It was a lovely graduation, perfect weather, and here are some pics from the event. We are so proud of her! She will be attending school in Philly as a Pre-Med Major. You can see in her pics she is wearing her National Honor Society cords, her Summa Cum Laude medal, and Student Government sash. She has a long road ahead of her in her preparation for her goal of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon, but I know it will happen. It's an exciting time for her! It will be a long road, but I told her to savor every moment of the journey. It will have its highs and lows, but in the end it will be well worth all the hard work.

My only rants about the evening were:

1. You wait 18 years to hear your child's name announced when they receive their diploma. The microphone had issues for about 7 or 8 kids and mine was one of them--ugh! All the audience heard was her last name.

2. In the graduation booklet, they forgot to list National Honor Society next to her name. They also forgot to list her friend's scholarship. I'm sure there were errors for other people, but it's annoying when kids work so hard and there are little mistakes like this.

Here's a video link and pics for the last moments of graduation. The formed the traditional Blue and White Line at the end of the ceremony around the track. She was in the last group of 5 girls to exit the field near the center podium. It's sure to bring back memories of one's own high school graduation. She graduated on the same day and date as me, same time 26 years later. Even identical right down to the weather.

Here is a pic of her before leaving for the Graduation Ceremony

Here are the SGA group students, 2nd row of students to enter the field. DD#1 is second in from left. The valedictorian is on the right, salutatorian is second in from right.

DD#1's in her spot and looking!
Partial view of the graduates on a beautiful June evening:
Right after the ceremony and ready for pics:

Final seconds of graduation video:


To end this post, here's a few pics of our little boy Jake. we love him so! So soft and cuddly. He's growing and sleeping more like an adult cat. His August birthday is fast approaching, and it's hard to believe little Jake is going to be 1. He's sleeping, but we really know he's begging for hugs and kisses. Or maybe a soft belly rub.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cats Play Fetch!


This was supposed to be a sewing post, but I wanted to share what comes naturally to many Devon Rex cats: Playing Fetch!

No cat I ever had (pre Jake) played fetch. I think most don't. Jake didn't need any training, he simply went right to it. He played fetch with my husband at the beginning of December, then kind of stopped. We think we found out why. He has a preference for his toy mice. We have small mice which are too hard and big soft fat mice that don't fit in his mouth. He likes our little soft medium-sized one and will play fetch for the longest time with it.

Today I took a little video clip of what Jake does best :) . Skeptics take note: Cats do indeed play fetch. Enjoy! (Just don't look at my walls or woodwork...painting and new moulding comes after I make my curtains from the fabric I bought before Christmas.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Headbands, Skirt, and Other Things

Other things first :) . I love writing about Jake. I realize not everyone is a cat lover so I'll make it quick.

Here's the cat tree Rich made for Jake. He LOVES it too :) .

Jake fooling around.

What a showoff he is! Proudly displaying that short, wavy coat of fur. If only my hair could be as wavy as his fur.

On to the headbands. They're Christmas presents for my daughters' friends. I just couldn't finish them in time with my embroidery machine in the shop so long so they'll get them when the girls go back to school. I finished 7 today, and will finish the other 8 tomorrow.

Here are the finished headbands:

And here are the ones that will be finished up tomorrow. I need more 1" elastic so that is what's holding me up.

And you see this skirt below? I started it about a month ago. An easy, no pattern necessary simple pull-on elastic waist skirt. What is it waiting for? Me to set up my serger for a rolled hem. I have to change from my off-white thread to black thread. This is the time when I long for a jet-air threaded Babylock, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. The leopard print fabric is a woven mesh purchased locally, and the lining is a black, polyester lining fabric purchased somewhere in NYC. Paron's I think? My sister purchased 10 yards for me way back when.

It's above the knee with the lining about 3" shorter than the woven mesh. That's the way I wanted it. I can wear it with my brown suede boots or my black leather ones.

Still no reviews as of yet. I really wanted to get some done, maybe tomorrow night? I don't know--the headbands still need to be finished for Monday. We'll see...we'll see.

And BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! Sure hope 2010 is better than 2009. Thanks for the encouraging comments in my previous blog post :) .

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, it's been an interesting past two weeks. I still haven't finished most of the sports headbands, just one completed one. It's what I'm going to be working on during Christmas vacation. Here is one of the headbands for DD#2's friend who absolutely loved it. We gave it to her Wednesday evening, and her father found her wearing it in bed on Thursday morning. So I guess she truly was pleased. It's my original design, although not much thinking required for it ;) .


Hayley's quilt is finished, and I'm just waiting for pics at this point. I asked her to take pics of it before giving it to her grandparents. We have been working on it for about three weeks, but she had to finish it up on her own. Hayley is my 13-year old sewing student, and I can't wait to see the finished project.

Now, on to my Christmas present :) . My little, lovable Jake who is really growing. The little guy gets neutered on Monday so that is his unlucky day. But we want to keep our little kitten permanently loving and as the breeder said, "Do NOT let him become a man!" LOL. Here is my wonderful little boy. Check out his adult fur growing in. It's short and wavy--so cute!

Snuggling with DD#2:

The handsome guy showing off his short, wavy coat (soft as velvet!):

Right now, I'm off to bed! I'm in normal body rythm mode of going to bed at 11:30 and getting up around 7:30 a.m. If only it could be like this every day...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Feel of Suede

Quick note:

Meredith asked:

"Forgot to ask: does he feel like suede? There is fur there, but I wondered what texture he feels like. Completely adorable, but he's going to have trouble hiding any weight gain from the vet :-)"

Thanks for asking, Meredith :) . Yes, he does feel like suede. Yet softer. Our little kitty is molting so he's actually losing fur in a few spots. He doesn't have much fur to begin with! His full coat will take two years to come in. His father and mother feel like...Minky! Short, soft dense fur. However, I think each Devon's fur is slightly different.

I've forgotten how active little kittens are, and this is an exceptionally active breed. Our schedules have been changed around to accommodate his kittenhood. DD#2 is getting a lesson on "parenting".

Excuse me...must attend to our little boy's needs... :) .

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet Jake!

Here he is. This is *THE* one! We took a long drive out to the breeder on Thursday and definitively selected him from the litters. He's a Devon Rex, low allergenic, short/wavy fur, huge ears, big eyes, known for their wonderful temperment and desire for human companionship. He was snuggling right up on my chest and neck, and in the pic he's cozying up with DD#2.

We can't wait to take him home. I need a soft, fuzzy, and warm computer and sewing companion. DD#2 wants a pillow and homework companion. The only thing I can definitely say is that he will be loved by all. We are SO looking forward to his arrival in about 3 weeks. It's been two years since our last cat died of old age, and we miss having a fuzzy, friendly, loving cat in our house. Over the next three weeks, guess what I'll be doing! Yep, securing all the threads and everything else that little kitties love to play with in a sewing room.

There is a story behind all of this as well. About 20 years ago, DH and I went to a cat show and picked up three business/cattery cards. DH was cleaning out some stuff about two weeks ago, found those three cards and showed them to me. The first two cards were the two catteries related one of our cats that died 4 years ago. One was the cattery of his mother, the other of his father. The third card was simply one we picked up because we found the breed interesting, but there are so many different breeds at the shows. What was breed/breeder on the card? The Devon Rex! And the owners of that cattery 20 years ago sold a cat (for breeding purposes) to our current breeder and helped her get started. It's really a weird coincidence, but really, I believe very few things are coincidence. It was simply part of the "master" plan--it was meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Jake and happy sewing! Especially if you own any furry or feathery helpful, loving critters in your home.