Monday, April 21, 2008

Murphy's Law Strikes Again!

Maybe it wouldn't have if I would have read the directions first though ;) . I made a lovely handle for my purse out of some round, black faceted, glass beads with gold seed beads. Only problem is that the diameter of the beads are too big for the handle flap of my purse. I was praying that wouldn't happen but it did. I'll just have to save that handle for another purse.

So this morning I ordered some new black beads that are smaller. Sure hope they arrive in time. The handle can be whipped up in no time, and I can work on embellishing and the lining until the order arrives at my doorstep. Right now I'm going to set up my embroidery machine to work on the flowers.

ETA--if my handle beads don't arrive in time, I'm just going to take apart a necklace with some perfect-sized beads for the handle. I rarely wear this necklace, and maybe it will save the day :) .


Alexandra said...

Bummer! Here's hoping your new beads arrive quickly.

2BSewing said...

Looking forward to seeing your embroidered lace flowers. You are so creative and resourceful.