Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reader's Choice

My Sunday outfit is done. I finished up them hem last night, but in doing so think my machine needs a tuneup, a good cleaning, or both. I'm starting to get more skipped stitches than I should be with my sewing in general. Lots of fuzzies in my bobbin area too. Gotta get that gunk out of there.

So who was the inspiration behind my current Sunday outfit? I must say that I am a bit of a homebody and no one has ever been floored by my fashion sense (really it's lack thereof) so I look through my cyberwindow computer screen and find my fashion sense via others. Tearsa's beautiful print dress found at this link, (you'll have to scroll past her beautiful suit to see her beautiful dress), is to die for IMO. She wears that great funky print with those black boots and when I saw it, it was like whammo! Gotta make something kind of fitted like that in a great, bold print. Really gotta admire that woman's fashion sense! And she's one of those bloggers that links pattterns, current styles, and what she's making together so a fashion flunky like me can get my fashion act together. Her current red dress is a knockout, so you know I'm going to have to copy that look too :) . Forget the runways, I just check out her blog LOL! She must be the best dressed news anchor on TV too.

So here are some sneak previews. I'm hoping to get a review done a bit later today, but baseball practice time is fast approaching. Anyway, it's a reader's choice for Sunday's church outfit. Here are some different looks--the Plain Jane look, the Peplum type of look with a belt, and the dress look with a belt. Which way looks best? I don't know. All can work but I would appreciate a vote.
"The Dress"

"The Plain Jane"
"The Peplum-style Look"

Here are some casual ways to wear it too. Here it is with some black, RTW pants I bought a couple of years ago fromTarget. I've never worn them anywear yet but thought they might look good with the top. I'd love to make a black blazer to wear over the top and pants too.

And here's a pic with jeans.

So, please help me decide how to wear it to church. I will abide by your vote :) !

Right now I'm going to work on a draft of my review that will have more details on the construction, fabric, patterns for my outfit, etc. Hopefully I can get it done today. Some good news--my Timtex and buckram arrived yesterday. For the next few week's, fashion sewing will be on hold so I can work on some purses and enter one in the Handbag Contest at Patternreview. I've never entered a contest before and shamefully have only voted in one. You know what my problem is? I can never decide. And as we develop cyber friendships with people it's makes deciding 10X harder. I wish contest items had no names or ID's attached to it. It would help me be objective and not so wishy washy about these things.

Happy sewing this weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I like it best with the pants from Target. The boots look a little too wintry for my taste right now -- but then I'm "down South."

Tamara said...

I like the shirt best also with the black pants. The solidness of the pants make the shirt look stunning. As for the dress style, I think that I like the belted version. This makes you have more curves and looks a bit more flattering. You might also try a dark tight or nylon with the dark boots. All in all I think that you have a great outfit. It fits you beautifully!

Alexandra said...

I vote for the peplum style with a belt.

Beth H said...

My favorite is with the dark pants, too. Of the skirt looks, I live "The Dress" best. Nice work!

Keely said...

With the skirt, I would vote for the dress version (top photo) but I really like it over the black trousers. Lovely outfit, Kat!

Dawn said...

I love it over the black boots with the wide belt, I'm a sucker for knee-high boots. I am planning on wearing mine tomorrow. We recieved about 8 inches of snow last night.

Rhoto said...

Hi Kat!! This is FUN!! I'd vote for the "plain Jane" for Church... Certainly isn't "plain Jane" with those beautiful colours & print, though, eh!!
You've got a WINNER with all those options for two pieces... Wonder if you have TOPS that would match your skirt, too!!
Have fun & enjoy the compliments!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (who can't find a church for a Sunday outfit :( )

kasizzle said...

I'm a little late to this one, but I really like the big belt and boots.

Lindsay T said...

I so agree with you about contest voting! I'm finding that I do want to favor my virtual friends. Maybe the contest should be determined by a panel of judges only?

~ Kimberlee ~ said...

I like it with the black pants the best! Very tailored looking.