Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Purse Progress

The other day I worked on embroidery flowers for my purse. They're black, lacy little things and I used water-soluble stabilizer (2 sheets) when embroidering them. For some reason, the thread loves to shred, then I get the occasional fuzz collection right above the needle and have to stop the machine to rethread. I don't know if my thread is getting old, or if my machine just doesn't like this brand of thread. It's the 40-pack of name-brand thread (can't remember the brand right now) that I bought with my machine. Even tinkered with the thread tension to no avail. So I lugged my machine into the kitchen where I could keep a closer eye on it while doing housework. It took a while to create the four flowers and I have one more to go, just a tiny one at this point.

My hot-fix crystals shipped so I'm waiting for those. The crystals will be the stamens on the flowers. Haven't heard anything about the beads, but plan B will be set in motion if they don't arrive in a few days. Didn't get to the lining the other day, but I will be sure to cut it out today. So many little errands that have to get done and my day is used up. Spring sports is absolutely killing my schedule right now. I should get started on my review for the Handbag Contest. I've been taking pictures as I progress and really shouldn't leave this to the last minute. Maybe this weekend I can get at least half of it done.

Will try to get some pics of the my progress up later on.

ETA--When I got back from the gym this morning, guess what was on my doorstep! The beads from FireMountain Gems :) . The one style is exactly like the ones that I bought for the original handle, but are smaller. These should work quite well. This makes me one happy camper.


Webcam said...

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Paula said...

I think you post is likeable, too! :-)

Seriously, though, don't you love it when a vendor comes through for you?

connieb said...

I'm on tenterhooks for this bag Kat! ditto Paula ...and webcam(!) btw

Kat said...

You guys are too funny LOL! I saw on someone's blog (gee, maybe it was my own?), about 7 of these right in a row in a post. At least if they're going to send them, can they leave out the broken English? At least get the message right.