Sunday, April 20, 2008

That Red Leather Bag.

Been working on the bag. Been busy. Been working on the bag. Been busy. Life is hectic, and I'm praying I get it done in time to enter it as an entry in the Handbag contest.

Thursday or Friday I cut the bag. Held my breath, too, because cutting into expensive material like leather makes me sweat. Then I cut some buckram because I thought the bag needed some extra stiffness. It didn't. Made it too stiff in fact. Good thing I stitched at 3/8" as a test because I had to seam rip to take out the buckram. Restitching at the 1/2" that the instructions recommends was no problem/no visible holes. Right now it's just the leather and batting as the instructions recommend. Yeah, another one of my brainiac ideas that went awry but is still okay in the end.

So, the bag at this point has been constructed. The handle has been made. I experimented making lace flowers with my embroidery machine the past several days and have picked out two possible flower combinations. Now to get going and finish up the bag. That's what I'm going to work on right now.


Paula said...

I thought piecing my contrast band was nervewracking but I'll take that any day over sewing on leather. I make far too many errors when I sew to even want to contemplate it!

Keely said...

If I'd had to cut it, the red leather and the pattern would still be sitting waiting... You should have seen me when I had to cut out DSis' bridesmaids dresses, lol. Good luck!