Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two-Post Sunday!

When do I have time to do two posts in one day??? Since DH just encouraged me to try out my new computer. So I'm cruising the 'Net, trying to remember passwords, etc., then it occurs to me...I don't have my built-in card reader! I can't upload my pics (well I could if I wanted to use the camera cable), nor can I use Embird with my CF card for my 300E card until I pick one up. Duh! So a card reader is on my list of things to pick up this week.

Also, I'm getting used to a flat-panel monitor again. I had one a few years ago until it died, then I used an old, giant one, now am back to the flat-panel. It is W I D E !!! Still trying to get used to it. And all pictures are looking wide too. At first I thought it was just my slide show, and I'm thinking, " unflattering! Wide screen really stretches the body, uh, wide." But every picture is like that on every website. Maybe I'll have to play around with my resolution.

Now I'm going to unpack that printer. And it scans! Gosh, I've been waiting for a scanner for SO long since I'm sick of taking trips to the copy center in town. It will making family paperwork much easier. Yeah, life is good.


~ Kimberlee ~ said...

You sound like you know what you're doing,s o it shouldn't take you much time to get it all hooked up and running. I wish I was as computer literate. I have years of pictures stored on floppy disk that no computer can understand and I have a computer from a few years ago that died and still has family pics on it I need to get off. Ugghhh!! I can barely keep up with all the innovations! Enjoy!!

2BSewing said...

Kat...congrats on your new PC, flat panel monitor (way cool), and your (all-in-one?) printer. You'll definitely enjoy your new printer/scanner. Just think of all that time you save and use it towards some fun sewing time.

BTW, your DH is way cool. :)

Happy Computing...Susan

connieb said...

I swear- none of the comments I left any one yesterday worked! The message was - Kat- step slloowly away from the computer-lovely that it all is!- step carefully toward the sewing machine and get going on that luscious red leather!

Kat said...

Hey ladies, I'm having fun discovering all the new updates with IE7. Printer still not hooked up, no time for that today. Going to Walmart and picking up a card reader among other things. My muslin bag is 99% done :) ! Just have to add about 4 hot-fix crystals.

Connie, I brought up my leather last night. It's on the couch ready for cutting!!! In fact, I'm stopping off at Michael's today to look things for the handle. Exciting!