Monday, March 31, 2008

An Ode to Princess Seams

Oh how I love them!
I really, really love them!
They make fitting easy and make one look slim.
They can be adjusted easily at my whim.

I could write more about princess seams, but it's kind of noisy right now at my house and I can't concentrate.

I finished my funky tee today. And the princess seams made it so easy too. The hemline was giving me a minor headache. I interfaced it, then turned and topstitched. Tried it on, got some stretch issues. If it were not for those princess seams, I would have been bummed. However, I unstitched them hemline at the front, tweaked my princess seams, then rehemmed and all is well. I tweaked the mid back area, too, since I'm really small there. I'm really liking this top.

This latest sewing endeavor just proves to me how a TNT pattern is not so "TNT" depending on the fabric choice. The armholes are slighly low, but that's okay. The fabric stretch pulls them down a little. In a cotton knit, they're fine. My top was made from my Perfect Tee Shirt from Pamela's Patterns. Originally the top had a bust dart only. Well I just don't like bust darts most of the time. IMO, they make me look matronly. I like neither the look, nor that word. So I perfected this pattern in Shannon Gifford's Build a Better Tee class a couple of years ago and love it. I made a version from my master pattern with a back and front waist darts as well as a version with front and back princess seams.

So when I need a Q&E top, this is the pattern to use. Well, most of the time. When fabric behaves in a less-than-obedient manner, then at least it's still easy, but not so quick.

I'll post a pic later this week. I want to make the skirt to go with the top first and my camera battery is dying too.

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Robin said...

I am a big fan of princess seams too, and actually dislike bust darts. Thanks for posting this - I see I'm not the only one!!