Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boring me got tagged LOL!

It's an "Oh no" type of day. I've been tagged. And go figure. I'm one of the most boring people on this earth. So I'll do my best to add 7 things about me.

1. I'm the last-born child out of 4 kids and definitely the most impulsive. DH and I eloped when I was 19. We never really went anywhere on our honeymoon either. In fact, we were such poor college students and went right to our full-time jobs that we never went on a honeymoon ever.

2. In my family, only my oldest sister knows we eloped. And I just told her during PR Weekend last November too.

3. I can swim but don't like to swim. I almost drowned at a YMCA swimming lesson (if you can believe it) when I was 5. My mom had to bribe me with getting my ears pierced if I learned how to swim and overcame my fear of deep water. I did it because I desparately wanted my ears pierced. Little did I know that getting my ears pierced would be a major hassle because of my severe nickel allergy. And my mom blamed my ear troubles on poor hygiene if you can believe that too.

4. I consider poison ivy to be a type of natural chemical warfare. I react so severely that it could actually be deadly. Even high dose prednisone on my last bout 3 or 4 years ago took quite a while to work. It makes yardwork kind of scary for me.

5. I'm a serious homebody. I can socialize with the best of them, but truthfully I just want to stay home and sew :) . Some women love to hang out with other girlfriends but I'm not one of them.

6. Some may know this already, but I failed high school sewing. My projects would get finished and I'd put them on right away and wear them out the door. My teacher kept telling me to bring my garments down in the morning when I got to school but I never did. Thus nothing to grade so my grade was an F! Best class I ever failed LOL :) .

7. If I had to pick a different career over teaching and do things all over again, becoming a heart surgeon would be my pick. I love those medical shows like the ones on the Discover channel and am good with a scissors and thread ;) .

Now...who to tag? Gosh, I think everyone has been tagged already. But I'll try. I'll look through my list later and try to pick 7 people.

My other "Oh no" of the day. Last night I was going to cut out my Simplicity wrap dress and discovered I didn't have enough material. #*yr(*#$*(y*#!!!! I only had 2 1/3 yards and needed at least 2 5/8. Oh well. I decided to make a princess-seamed t-shirt from a TNT pattern and a knee-length elastic waist skirt from my sloper pattern. It will still look nice.

Right now there are four piles of cut projects on my couch. I will take a pic of them later and add it to this post. ETA--here's my pile of projects:

Oh--almost forgot. Happy Easter to my Christian friends!

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