Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What to write about today? Really there's nothing much going on. DS#1 has an appt. this morning so that does away with my entire morning. I need to clean a bathroom, go to the post office, and a couple of other mundane activities but hope to head down home stretch with some purses I'd like to sell onEbay. Of course, I'll keep one in every style and color I make :) . They're looking pretty good now and I need to work on the velvet bows for them. Will post pics when I'm done.

And that Burda coat...it needs some quick alterations. Will I finish in time to wear it? Who knows! I'm such a slow sewer.


Paula said...

Kat, thanks for stopping by my blog. I find that entering the contests forces me to finish the projects. I'm a great one for starting, but not so much for finishing, especially if I run into any problems. I think I need to get over the idea that every single garment needs to be a work of art...that might speed me up, too.

Sewfast said...

What a great post! I think we've all had those thoughts about a pattern, just to be disappointed! The bag on the pattern looks good though! :) Mary

Kat said...


You know I totally forgot about the bag in the pattern. That does look quite good.