Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They're Done!

On Sunday I finished my first two of many purses to come. These two are mine (can't help making matching purses for my outfits :) )--prototypes for the ones to follow. They don't have any pockets inside but yesterday I drafted a pocket piece to include a mini pocket for a cell phone and a larger one for makeup, credit cards, whatever. The bags are fully lined, and I used a "bagging the lining method" similar to what one uses in a jacket. It really makes for a clean finish. A portion of the bottom inside bag lining is handstitched closed to finish the project.

Here's the first bag. I used it today on my trip to the doctor and out to eat with my friends. It's from the houndstooth fabric I used for my swing jacket. There are actually two made from this fabric, but I didn't have enough to finish the flap on the outside of one of the purses so I used velvet. The bow and bow band are made from velvet as well, with a ribbon rose I made affixed to the band with handstitches. In the center of the rose are clear, hot-fix swarovski crystals. I just love using my Bejeweler 'cuz I'm a flashy, glitzy '80's girl at heart.

The second one (there's two made from this fabric as well) is from wool fabric I used for my recent McCall's jacket and Vogue miniskirt. Again, the flap and band are made from black velvet, the bow from the wool with black, hot-fix crystals affixed to the bow band. It probably would have looked better with the bow in black velvet too, but we learn as we go, don't we. And IMO, velvet is not the best fabric to use for the flap. It doesn't lay as nice and crisp as wool, brocade, or upholstery fabric.

Here's a peek at the lining inside both bags:

For the interfacing, I used a craft-weight stiff interfacing purchased at one of the local stores in my area. However, I'm going to invest in some buckram and Timtex to see how I like that better and which one I prefer. Here are a few of the other bags that are WIP's. They need to be lined and the bows need some embellishing. This is just one style of many more to come. There's another style bag in the same floral print with a wooden handle that has been cut out, but not stitched as of yet.

After I get the current batch of purses lined and ready to go, I really must work on cutting out four of my garment projects. Suffice it to say, my last winter coat will not be worn until next Fall. It will probably get done in May!


Dawn said...

I had to crack up about the BeDazzler because I had one when I was in collage. I used to BeDazzle my roommates everything. Tee hee. I love the houndtooth purse.

Tamara said...

Cute purses. I bet you looked so chic with your matching coat and purse.

Alexandra said...

Great purses! I like the velvet flaps and bows.

Sigrid said...

Very chic. I like the idea of matching.

Beth H said...

Those look great. Very nice fabric combinations. You'll be happy to have that new coat next fall.

Cennetta said...

I don't know how I missed this post. You have created some great bags. You are such an inspiration.