Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burda Coat

Yesterday I tissue-fitted my Burda coat. It is basically a "very loose-fitting" hip-length jacket as noted on the pattern. Just a couple of alterations were needed--forward shoulder and lengthening the sleeves. It does have dropped shoulders but I thought they were dropping just a little too much. I narrowed the shoulders a 1/2" and am hoping that will look a bit better. The dropped shoulder look is always a tough call for me.

I'm using a light blue/black speckled wool I purchased from Paron's during PR Weekend 2007. Just love this fabric and will underline/interline it with some black 100% cotton flannel. The black lining is thin, but adequate. My sister picked that up for me from Paron's and gave it to me last Christmas. Think she got at least 7 yards of it at a good price.

Off to cutting now. I want to cut out part of my coat and my Easter dress dress.


Lindsay T said...

I so want to make a coat one of these days. Keep us posted on your progress!

Dawn said...

I don't usually participate in these chain-type of things but this one seems fun. I tagged you! ;)

Kat said...

Oh no, Dawn! I'm so boring you wouldn't believe it. I'll try my best.

Dawn said...

I would check and double check by flat pattern measuring. I measured and it was atleast 4" larger than a TNT jacket pattern. Remember that there are no SA on Burda when you measure! I wanted it to work and did a muslin anyway. Yeeeeeah, noooo.