Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not much garment sewing progress.

There hasn't been much going on with garment sewing the past few days. I've been busy trying to build up stock for my Ebay store and made lots of little trips here and there for supplies. My house desparately needs to be cleaned too. I'm shooting for some pattern work tomorrow. Still no sewing at this point. All four patterns have been traced with one completed with alterations--the Simplicity wrap dress. The next one getting alterations (and it should be simple) are the pajama pants. I'm just going to compare the leg width and length from my daughter's sweats as a general reference.

And speaking of sweats, I've noticed some really cheap things going on with sweatpants. DD#2 always give me her pants and asks me to seam rip the hem. She has very long legs and can use any extra length she can get. (Lately she's been doing her own seam ripping though :) .) What I've found is that the clothing manufacturers aren't even using elastic anymore. The last three pants in which we seam ripped the hems, we've found big rubber bands! What do you all think of that? For what I'm paying for the pants, I think it's cheap. These are quality sweats--good thick material only to be hemmed with a rubber band. For the price I'm paying, I expect to find elastic. Maybe it doesn't matter? I don't know. Guess some CEO wants to cut corners to boost stock prices again. Makes me wonder if people even care about quality anymore.


Anonymous said...

I have a pair of Lands End sweats that I bought in 1990. (I don't wear sweats very often!) Just last week one of the hems wore open, and guess what fell out? A heavy rubber band!

Hey, I didn't know you had an Ebay store! What am I missing?

Tina W

Kat said...


Not much :) . It's not open yet. Right now I'm making some items for my store so maybe in a few weeks it will be open for business. I hope...

CharityinAlaska said...

I love the turquoise jacket that scrolled by in your gallery show! That's a great color for you and I love the shape.


Kat said...

Thanks, Charity. BTW, after reading the blog thread, maybe I should move my slideshow down the side bar so it's generally below the most recent post. Do you think this is too distracting up there? Brutal honesty is appreciated :) !

CharityinAlaska said...

It doesn't bother me. :) I might have missed it if it was too much further down. Maybe others will think differently, but not a problem here. :)