Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Couldn't help myself!

Some people eat with stress and aggravation, but I don't. It was a stressful day with cranky kids and I was cleaning house a bit this evening while they were out with dad. I went downstairs to put a book away and passed by one of my tables filled with EOS and Patternreview Weekend fabrics.

Like an addict, I couldn't help myself. It's like the fabric had a voice and was calling out to me. I pulled out a PR Weekend fabric, a TNT top pattern, and went to work. I cut out the bodice and redrafted the short sleeve piece since it's summer time. Purses and wall hangings are peachy, but nothing like garment sewing. I just had to get my fix and am much happier now.

The top is all cut, and I almost cut out the redrafted, short sleeves but stopped short of doing that. I think I'll cut a muslin sleeve and baste it to the bodice to be sure of the fit/draft.

I'm SO ready for a new summer top!


Lindsay T said...

All right! Don't you feel better now?

Robin said...

Totally know what you mean about getting your fabric "fix"!!!

2BSewing: said...

Right now...sewing and dark chocolates are running neck to neck as stress reducers for me. It was definitely your fabric calling out to you along with your scissors, sewing machine, etc. :)