Saturday, July 12, 2008

That Stroke of Inspiration

It's coming to me.

Do you ever walk by your fabric stash and wait for the fabric to tell you what to do with it? That's what I've been doing. I still have some fabulous knits from PR Weekend 2006 and 2007 that I absolutely love and just yesterday I realized what I want to do with at least one of them. Yesterday there was a review on the CJ princess seamed/wrap top pattern at Patternreview and now I have a pretty good idea of what fabric to use with it. It was one of those "Aha!" moments. I have another idea of pairing of pattern and fabric but want to make sure the fabrics I'm planning on combining for it will work. I might have to post a pic of the two fabrics in daylight so you all can give me some input. My ability to coordinate fabrics is abysmal.

I have also been working on a very interesting wall hanging based on my son's art project which I posted a pic of a while back. It is coming along nicely and think it will make a nice artistic type of piece for my living room wall. Been taking pics of my progress with it and will try to post my continued efforts of it tonight with my Saturday night bowl of popcorn and wine cooler. I'm just one heck of an exciting chick, aren't I ;) ! Just loving those Saturday evening sewing blocks. That inner sewing geekness is evident again.

Right now I'm going to grab my coffee, a piece of banana bread, and enjoy some quiet time reading sewing blogs. First blog to read for today is Robin's blog. I have to check out her dress she was making for a wedding. I live my non-kid life vicariously through her :) . She's an amazingly talented woman with an equally amazing interesting life. I'm am going to try to make it a point to discuss other people's blogs in my posts for a while. There are some really great blogs out there, and I often find new ones by clicking on links in other sewer's blogs.


Sewfast said...

Great post Kat! My stash has been "talking" to me lately too and it is almost too much for my brain because other things are getting in the way of sewing for me!!! Also thanks for the link to Robin's blog...she is now in my blogroll. It's taking longer each morning to check in with my peeps! Mary :)

Robin said...

Thank you!!! That is so sweet of you to mention me and to say such nice things. I really appreciate it. Hugs!

Connie B said...

You will love the princess top. Glad you are back to sewing!