Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving right along.

Last night I worked on my dress. I moved the vertical fisheye dart over toward my bust apex. Traced off the back, pinned my darts and pinned the tissue on Phat Chick. Everything is looking pretty good.

At this point, I'm going to do a 1/2" petite adjustment above the waist and a 1/4" swayback tuck above the waist in the back. Also need to redraw the dart bump out at the top edge of the front dress bodice. I'll add 2" of length to the dress and those alterations should do it for me.

I'll go right to the muslin and see how everything is working. Maybe I'll even cut out another summer top today. Last night I was checking embellishments at Sue's Sparklers. The crystals that I was planning on using are simply way too expensive for a trendy summer top, but maybe the nailheads will work. Still mulling over the options for my summer top neckband at this point.

It's early in the day, have lots to do, but I think there's enough time for at least finishing alterations and cutting a muslin. Anything else is just a bonus at this point.

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