Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Half done!

Today I worked on some (Mmmm!) garment sewing! Love it, love it, love it!!!

The progress is below. Actually, right after taking this pic I sewed the front and backs together at the shoulders using my favorite method of stabilizing--1/4" ribbon. It's cheap and is useful for about 90% of areas I need stabilized. The fabric is from one of my favorite NYC stores Metro Textiles from PR Weekend 2007. There's still enough fabric left to make another top or a skirt. Still debating at this point in time, but most likely will be a skirt for my substitute teacher plans in the Fall.

I asked DD#1 about her opinion about the strip in the front where the gathers are. Should it be solid black or the matching print. My fashion "gut" instinct was to go with the black, but my fashion taste is, well, not that good so I asked DD#1 about her thoughts. She said, "Go with the black one. Definitely." So maybe I wasn't far off this time. Can't wait until this top is done. It has cap sleeves and I want to wear it with skinny black capris.

The cap sleeves are fairly interesting. I'm using Simplicity 3624, one that I used before in March but with long sleeves. The short, cap sleeves on this are a mirror image on one piece. So the fabric will be folded in half at the hemline, and I presume basted along both raw edges at the armhole seamline on the sleeve before sewing it to the bodice. I don't recall ever seeing a sleeve pattern like this, at least not in recent memory. It really could be cut as a single layer but this method is kind of nice because the inside of the sleeve will look the same as the outside. It's really a self-lined sleeve I guess. It's just an interesting point to note about the pattern.

Oddly enough, the neckline is the turn under and topstitch method. IMO, that is kind of weird, but oh well. To spend time making a nice sleeve, then doing a very simple neckline finish. I was thinking about making this top sleeveless and lining the upper half, but didn't. On a snap decision, I decided to go with the sleeves.

We'll see how things are looking tomorrow. I'm hoping to wear this one on Saturday. Stay tuned...


2BSewing: said...

Hi Kat...welcome back to garment sewing! Love your fabric! What a way to get back into sewing...something gorgeous. Can't wait to see it on you...Susan :)

Keely said...

Love the fabric!

Karen said...

Welcome back to the land of the sewing! I'll bet it feels good. I remember you buying that fabric, and I loved it then. Still do. I think it'll look cute with skinny black capris. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Sewfast said...

Very pretty fabric! I made the view with the little cap sleeves and it turns out really nice. It's one of my favorite shirts! Mary