Saturday, July 19, 2008

Alterations and Muslins

I always seem to forget that maybe someone out there in cyberland might be interested in the alteration process I use to obtain a decent fit. Or maybe how I implement my design changes on patterns. I always like to see alterations, design changees, and reasons and rationale behind doing them on other blogs. Cenetta is always very good about doing that, and there is always something to learn from posts like hers.

Today I will try to go back and take pictures with explanations of what I've done on two of my patterns thus far. I've worked on revamping my duro top for an updated 2008 look as well as my Simplicity top with the circular neckband and neckline gathers. I made a quick muslin last night of circular neckband top and have finally decided this morning to do a 1/2" FBA on the front and a 1/2" Broad Upper Back Adjustment on the back. Truthfully, I could likely get away without doing them on my knit (the pattern is for a woven). But I dislike the thought of having to get everything out again, repressing the pattern in the future, doing the alterations when I could do them now, first time around.

I noticed on my muslin that the area right near the side back/back armhole area was a little snug. Not uncomfortable at all, but when I look in the mirror and see an outline of my bra band in that small area, that makes me want to alter for broad upper back. On my dress form I'm seeing tiny "forced" gathers pointing to the bust area outside my notches--the area that is not gathered. Yeah, I think a knit would take care of this, but why not do it now. I would like to make this time one more time this summer in a woven.

Since I don't need any width below the waist, I plan on cutting off the front and back bodice pieces at the waist and altering the upper pieces. Then I will tape them back on the lower pieces, truing at the side seams. Also, I'll add about 1" in length right at the hemline. Why add it there? I'm a lazy sewer ;) . Any more than that and I'd use the L/S line.

So stay tuned. I have a busy day today, but when I get home around 6 or 7, the wine cooler will be fully chilled, the popcorn bowl will be ready, and I can enjoy my incredibly exciting Saturday night doing pattern alterations :) !

Only my sewing blogger friends will truly understand how wonderful that is! My own family doesn't get it LOL. And I don't think they ever will.

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