Monday, June 30, 2008

Current and finished projects

Check this out! This is a paper artwork design that my son did this year in Art class. DD#2 did one several years ago. For some reason, I just love this abstract type of design. It is made using squares of paper.
I thought it might look nice as a wall-hanging in coordinating fabric so I bought some to recreate the same type of design. Here's the fabric (the two on the right):

The yellow/red daisies on the blue background will become some type of wall hanging for my bathroom with some type of embroidery. Those 4th of July wall hangings, well, here they are. No movement on them. My intention was to use my Janome clothsetter to join the vertical designs but I just didn't have the time to sit down and think about it. So I did them all separately and will join the pieces together with a horizontal seam. I'll use a background border and be done with it. Overall, I was pleased with the design. If only I could get these things done before the specific holiday and not after!

Now, for my finished projects, here are my purses. I created the pattern, "big enough, but not too big" was my idea. I think they're okay. Not the most attractive purses by any means, but functional enough. Can't be too dressy for all-day tournaments. The flaps could be a little longer and bigger so I'll adjust the pattern flap accordingly. Here's the first purse:

Yes, in one my more creative bursts, I tried to think of catchy phrases to embroider on the purses along with the design. The other purse I don't want to show the front because it's a searchable organization, but here's the phrase on that one below:

My daughter has a softball shirt that says, "Good Girls Steal", so I expanded on that to say, "Where Good Girls Hit and Steal" right below the team name on the purse. Both bags have an exterior pocket big enough for a cell phone and keys--two things I like right at my fingertips. I didn't feel like do any interior pockets because these are just functional sports purses specific for games and weekends. If they were everyday bags, I'd probably put more effort into interior/zippered pockets. Maybe even an exterior zippered welt pocket. But you know, I just don't have the time nor inclination these days.

Both the bags are lined in cotton quilting print fabric. You can kind of see the color because I wanted a tiny strip of lining fabric to "peek" outside the exterior pocket.

So there you have it. Two finished bags, and wall hangings in the making. Lovingly looked at some garment patterns this morning though. The time will come. Gotta remind myself of that.


Keely said...

Wow! That should look very impressive as a wallhanging. The bags are so cute - I bet they're popular.

Lindsay T said...

Nice work, Kat! You may not be garment sewing but you are keeping the mojo percolating...

2BSewing: said...

Kat...that's a great idea to sew your embroidery pieces together to make a single banner. I have to remember that. Working with the clothsetter and Gigahoop is a bit time consuming. I like the designs you used for the wall hangings.

You did a great job sewing and embroidering the the purses. They are sooo unique and well...cute!

I wish I had more time to "play" with my Janome. Right now, my machine is sitting in the dining room. My sewing essentials took over my work room...meaning my fabric stash. lol!