Thursday, June 12, 2008


Still on hiatus.

My garden hasn't even been started. My kids' teams keep winning--isn't it terrible to think it's great when they're games can go either way? If the boys' teams would just lose, I'd have more free time at night. No movement on any painting. Problems in LL keep cropping up. One friend is having adoption issues. Another person I know is sorely overworked and stressed. My house is still in disarray. I have to go into town today and try to buy a new garden tractor 'cuz our just died. Didn't at least even get the summer season in. DD#1 is ticked off because I balk at placing an on-line order for tennis tanks that cost $25/each. $25 for a tank top! I get the, "But Mom! It's expensive material." Or something like that. No, the material is NOT expensive, the brand name is. She's mad because I told her anything over a $20 limit per top is her bill. I think that's fair. Gas prices just went over $4/gallon. Should I go on?

The good news. I'm ready and doing (what I call) a "Jolt" workout--adding 5 lbs more to most weight machines at the gym. The heat wave broke Tuesday night. A second opinion with an opthomologist--don't have glaucoma. At least not yet, and I'm a good candidate for LASIK. Found out our school district pays $80/day for sub teachers with a $500 bonus with every 30 days of work. That works for me.

I haven't been doing any sewing, but have been doing a little embroidery here and there for wall hangings. Embroidery works well with my current schedule.

School's not out just yet either! Lots of snow days this year. The kids don't officially get out until next Wednesday. And that's fine by me :) .


~ Kimberlee ~ said...

Kat, I'm tired just reading it! I totally can relate, however. You know I never thought about subing. Don't subs get treated badly. LOL! That sounds perfect for a mom with kids and responsibilities. Summer is hectic around here too. I'm feeling the same heat, gas prices, and teen drama! You know what they say, "what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger!" LOL!

Lindsay T said...

Good to hear from you! My kids are still in school too.

Rhoto said...

Thanks for all your nice comments on RHOTO'S RAG, even if you ARE on hiatus!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Cennetta said...

Wow! I are extremely busy these days. Seems like you don't have time to breathe. I can totally relate. Hope things become manageable soon.