Monday, June 30, 2008

Good news

Here's some good news. My purses need about 5 minutes of work and the first two are done. I had some issues on the flap on the first one, made a couple changes to it, and it's okay. The second one I removed and redesigned the sides for a better fit. Now I know what changes to make to the flap pattern to make it better. My problem was my strap was at least an inch wide. I did not account for this when creating the flap piece. The width of the flap is interfering with the straps. The flap was bunching up at the sides because it was butting into the straps. So the one on the first purse is adequate, the second one is fine because I resewed/slightly redesigned the flap.

I'll take pics later when they're totally finished. Just need to seal up the interior lining and do a few minutes of topstitching by hand.

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