Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29 already!

Here it is--June 29! Where have the last 2+ weeks gone???

I have two wall hangings that have been embroidered and need to be put together. (They're 4th of July themed!). My sports purses were SO close to being done and I was bummed I couldn't take the one to the Softball tournament yesterday. The tournament was 2 hours away in Princeton. We left at 7:15 a.m., got back at 11 p.m. The last game was supposed to be at 5:15 but storms came rolling in a 5 p.m. We drove a half hour away to another field and found out we weren't playing our last game until 8 p.m. under the lights. DD#2 was a little upset because she was tired and had to pitch that last game but it was the best game she's played in a month. She pitched a 1-hitter and got a double and a couple of RBI's. Her hitting was a little lackluster yesterday but she made up for everything in the last game and was also awarded the MVP in that game. She left at 7:30 this morning to continue the Tournament.

Might get my lawn mowed today!!! Two weeks ago DH took our 16-year old lawn tractor out for a mowing. Both the back tires went flat from the previous mowing and the darn thing wouldn't move in forward or reverse. So I went out and plunked down $1700 for a new lawn tractor (at least it was on sale) with a snow blade for winter and a lawn cart. DH just got a chance to use it on Friday. Then he was going to push the other one off to the side for a pickup and thought, "Well, let me see what happens if I try to start it again." That darn old tractor now moves! What gives with that? We just have to siphon the gas out and call to get a pickup on it. I'm tired of the tractor's "moods".

My other wall hanging fabric has been ironed and is on my ironing board. On Friday I looked longingly at some summer top patterns. Just no time yet unfortunately. Today I have to get in high gear and organize our LL tournament game for our girls. We're hosting tomorrow at our home field and I have to get the sound system, food, and everything together.

DH and I also took on coaching a summer ball baseball team that our two boys are on. They needed coaching volunteers for the summer. We have some talent on our team, and I gave them a pep talk on Friday, but everyone knew full well that we are the youngest and most inexperienced team. Anyway, they won yesterday. 16-12. I wasn't there but it was a very good game. Even DH was kind of surprised.

DS#1 couldn't go to his post-season baseball party last night. I was helping plan in it, but didn't know I would be at a softball tournament this past weekend. He missed it, but wasn't terribly upset about it. We've been running around all the time, and sometimes it is just nice to relax at home.

Today I hope DD#2's softball team wins their bracket. I hope to accomplish some lawn mowing, housecleaning, LL planning, and baseball practice. Later on I'm going to break out the popcorn, grab a wine cooler, kick back and try to get my purses done. It's really been a hectic two weeks. Another hectic two weeks and the worst busy part of the summer should be over.

ETA--this is exactly how I feel--EXHAUSTED! Only thing that's missing is the nice drink from my hand. Saving that for later.


2BSewing: said... are one busy beaver! You've been missed (by me) and I appreciate the time you spend by stopping over at my blog. Looking forward to seeing your embroidery work (wall hanging).

It's great that you're spending time with your kids and sounds like they're doing well with their sports. You're definitely a SM (no, not sewing machine), Super Mom. :)

Robin said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about it. That's a cute picture of you on the couch - you look so tiny!