Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Things We Do for Love.

Here's my daughter with her jacket on last night right after I finished the first hooping for the tennis racquets. Before bed, I had time to do the bottom text with her positions on the team for the last two years.

Fast forward to this morning...what's worse than picking out a knit stitch with dark thread on a dark knit fabric? Picking out a big, white embroidered letter on a knit jacket and avoiding getting a hole while doing it.

DD#1 couldn't have her school name embroidered on her jacket on two lines. It had to be emblazoned across her upper back on one line. Think rehooping. It's a knit. And a RTW jacket with seams all over the place. Not the easiest thing to hoop by any means. It had to centered right above the tennis racquets, and be look straight with the text below the racquets. That's four different hoopings. I'm no embroidery expert so it was a challenge.

The rehooping of the second half of the school name was VERY difficult! If any of her friend's want the same, they can have it with one caveat. It will cost $25 or $30, and the school name has to be on two lines.

Do you think she'll appreciate it her custom embroidered jacket? Well, as much as a 16-year old can. When she asks me to sew or embroider things, she always picks the ones that take a lot of time. And they have to be done "yesterday". DH said, "She's not going to appreciate it." So it's the things we do for love. Sans appreciation. At least it's done, she's thrilled, and it's another embroidery task under my belt. With each design, it's getting a little more intuitive with the fabric, stabilizer, etc. Along the way, I developed an easier way, IMO, to align continuous letters. I'll try to post a tutorial on it when I get the time. Although I'm sure someone has already thought of it already.

In other news, yesterday I went to a Dalco Home Sew seminar at Pocono Sew and Vac. It was interesting. I was pretty much surrounded by a decent number of quilters, but that's a typical disappointment. I sure would love to change that. But the info was good and I picked up a few nice tips. It was $10 and the store gave a $10 credit when it was over. That seemed like a pretty good deal to me.
Working on Christmas gifts now. No, Kim, I didn't get my machine back (sniffle, sniffle). Not yet. Just working on embroidery but that is good. It's keeping me from thinking about missing my machine. Off to work.

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Lindsay T said...

I hear ya on the appreciation thing. My own DD is grateful but then never seems to wear the things I make her as much as I think she should.