Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last-Minute Details

The last scarf will be embroidered today! I think I've been working on them for two weeks straight so I can't wait until they're done. DD#2 started her gift giving last Thursday. They had a snow day Friday so she'll have to wait until tomorrow to give out the rest.

I went to Sears yesterday to pick up some tractor chains and went to Walmart. You would NEVER be able to tell the economy is in the dump and retailer sales are down. Every single checkout was open with lines that were so long it was incredible. I'm not used to just-before-Christmas shopping though. We waited about a half hour before reaching the register. Think I caught up on my celebrity reading/fashion info in People, Ok, and every other grocery line mag you can think of while in line.

Today the schedule is sewing, bathroom cleaning, gym time, and the kids cleaning their rooms. Gotta get ready for Christmas Eve.


2BSewing: said...

Long lines? You hit the busiest shopping day...Saturday.

I know what you mean about projects that finally come to an end. A big relief. Just think of all the happy faces when the gifts are given.

I'm doing the same, sewing, Mac time, sewing, baking, sewing, etc. Happy Sunday!

Tamara said...

You need to do one long happy dance when that last scarf is finished! :)