Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finished Christmas Presents Part II

Ah...more than half the scarves are ready to get a new home! Here they are. They're made out of two layers of Wazoodle Microfleece. The ends are fringed and above the fringing on one end is the school name and mascot (blocked out for the obvious reason) with the sport of choice below it. The other end has the name of the girl and the graduation year.

One end...
The othe end...

Tomorrow I put the finishing touches on 3 more and cut out 6 more scarves to make.

Another pleasant thing happened today. I was at my friend's house giving her sewing lessons and she finished her second project. I'm teaching her the new concepts for the third project, which will be a draft dodger. That's what she wanted to make.

Here was her first project (pillowcases). I told her she could topstitch the band for a more professional, RTW look which she did.:

Second project (baby burp cloth with interlining)

An on-her-own project of a matching pillow for her pillowcases:

After finishing her first project (two pillowcases), she went ahead and made a matching pillow with ruffle simply by studying the design of one she had on her bed. See how she pleated the ruffle? Such a nice touch. As a side note, I taught her how to gather (instead of using pleats) and she was so excited about it. She's seeing the possibilities :) ! She just asked me today about continuing lessons after our first set of 5. That's a definite, of course.

That's all for now. It's very late and the pre-Christmas rush has me exhausted.


2BSewing: said...

Love the scarves you've made. What a wonderful gift idea. You are doing some beautiful embroidery work.

Sounds like your teaching project has taken off. Great news that you have a student who wants to continue.

Robin said...

That's great that you have such an enthusiastic student! Is this your new business venture - providing one-on-one sewing lessons? If so, I wish you lived in my area - I'd take lessons from you!

Lindsay T said...

Thank you so much for the comment about Wonder Tape and zippers with stretch fabrics. No, I did not know this but it makes perfect sense and I'm so glad you took the time to tell me. I love my online friends!

Sewfast said...

You've been a very busy girl Kat! Nice job! Mary

Cennetta said...

Sounds like fun. You are a wonderful friend. How rewarding for the both of you. All of the projects are well sewn.