Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finished Christmas Presents Part I

Here are my finished wall hangings for our Godchildren. Two will go to one (DH and I are both Godparents for our one niece, and one to our other niece as DH is her Godfather. I absolutely cannot remember who her Godmother is though.

On the back, I embroidered their names and the year. Pics of the scarves are forthcoming.

The blue fabric print was from Walmart and the embroidery designs were further embellished with Hot-fix crystals for a little holiday "bling". More later, it's a busy day.


2BSewing: said...

Beautiful work! You are the Bling Queen. I really like the crystal placements. Nice embroidery work. I assume it's from Embroidery Library. Okay, I just noticed the blue fabric you used...great choice. This is a wonderful gift that I know they will cherish.

Sigrid said...

Lovely and thoughtful gift.

Tamara said...

What a beautiful gift! They must so special!

Cennetta said...

Great gifts.