Monday, December 22, 2008

A Bit of Heaven on Earth!

Isn't this such a wonderful sight?!?!

My youngest is working on his rice warmer cover. He made the cover and the rice bag as a present for his teacher. He picked out the monogram font and thread color which I did for him, I cut the fabric, but he used the serger to make the bag cover and rice bag and was quite proud of himself! He serged the edges of the inner rice warmer bag, but I had to do the topstitching on my sewing machine to seal it up. He wouldn't be able to maneuver the bag with the rice inside.
Here's the finished front. DD#2 picked out the fabric from Walmart for him, and he loved it.
The finished back with the rice warmer shown:
He also made a gigantic posterboard Christmas card for her.
Today I did a dance and wanted to give a party! (The dance as per Tamara's suggestion :) .) The last of the scarves are done and will be given to the recipients tomorrow. Here's the last batch:I'm so glad it's over as it seemed like it took forever. The total was close to 20 at my last count.
Ah...I'm SO ready for bed.


Tamara said...

YEAH!!!!! Congratulations on a job well done!

Sigrid said...

Love the picture of your son, he's enjoying himself, that's clear.

Have a merry Chistmas.

Robin said...

That certainly *is* a wonderful sight! How nice that your son likes to sew too! He looks a lot like his mama in that picture.

Merry Christmas!