Friday, December 26, 2008

The Phat Kat Christmas Bag of Goodies

What's inside the Phat Kat Christmas basket this year?

I just mentioned in a previous post that it was a lean year. I always request a lean year and never got one until this year. DH always says, "I won't buy you anything big..." and then! I open up the credit card statement to find a big price tag LOL. Last year, some of the things he bought me included a big external hard drive and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Truthfully, I don't want a wireless mouse and keyboard. Dead batteries drive me insane and our Dish remote eats them up. I can't be bothered with my batteries dying on my mouse and keyboard so both ended up on his computer.

It's a funny thing how the sales were SO good before Christmas, followed by some even deeper cuts afterward. So this year I pitched the idea to DH about Christmas giving for the kids on December 25th, then maybe we (just DH and I) could exchange gifts on Orthodox Christmas the first week in January. Something definitely "small" monetarily speaking. He has Ukranian blood running through his veins so these plans would be appropriate.

Anyway, I did get a couple of gifts:

From my mom and dad: Kitchen towels and $100, an anniversary gift (money) but I haven't opened the card yet.

From myself ;): Pre-Christmas housecleaning yielded three surprises--2 pairs of long-lost scissors and seam gauge. They've finally come home! Those notions sprout legs you know.

DS#2: a multicolored beaded bracelet purchased at the school's holiday shoppe.

That's enough for me. It was a very happy Christmas filled with good food and family. And that's what makes every holiday special.

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cidell said...

Notions have legs and a fear of light. I cleaned out my sewing room and came across about half a dozen long lost notions.