Monday, December 1, 2008

Anxiety, Sure to be Followed by Full-Fledged Withdrawal

Today I stopped in a Pocono Sew and Vac to pick up some basting spray. I have to work on DD#1's Adidas jacket with some embroidery. Since I knew I was headed there after her dentist appt., I made the hard, VERY HARD, decision to take my sewing machine in to be serviced. (Bear in mind, I don't have a second sewing machine to hold me over!). I've been dreading this day, however, it is absolutely necessary. My upper tension disk is not working right (probably a lot of built-up lint), I'm getting some skipped stitches with straight, stretch, and zigzag stitches and it's no wonder really. I asked the store clerk, "When did I buy my machine?" She checked the computer and said, "2003." Ohh...has it been that long???

Can you believe I have never taken in my machine to be serviced? I wanted to at times because we all know a yearly checkup is the right thing to do, but parting with my machine is like taking off my right arm. It's constantly being used too. But I felt it had to go in today. I can do a lot of cutting and embroidery over the next week.

I felt anxious leaving it there. And I felt anxious at home. Give me two days and I'll be suffering from withdrawal symptoms for sure. Cranky, edgey, and irritable. You know that feeling when you think you've momentarily lost your purse? That's what I have when I see my sewing machine is not its proper place. So I have to keep busy and try not to think about it.

Now, if you read my blog post from yesterday about my son's Oregon jacket, you will know that I thought Green Pepper sent me the wrong zipper. It was a 2-way separating zipper (for some reason I didn't think it separated completely. When I called them today, they said that is what is recommended for the jacket. If the top pull is pulled all the way down, it separates like a normal jacket zipper. However, if the zipper is pulled back up to the top, the bottom zipper can be pulled up to allow for sitting room or a little fresh air. I didn't realize that! In fact, it was kind of neat. A new thing I learned about outdoor-wear zippers today as I've always used the standard, one-way separating zipper. The bad thing now is I can't sew the zipper on! I don't have a machine for a week...(Not thinking about it, not thinking about it, not thinking about it.)

Now I'm off to get started on some embroidery research.


Sewfast said...

Start watching Craigslist for a good backup machine. I even have a backup to the backup and if the lights go out I can always use Grandma's treadle machine! I have a battery operated machine I can take camping. Is that pathetic, or what??? I kept my New Home when I got the Brother and then I bought the Singer Touchtronic for $25.00. I actually have had possession of some other machines, but I gave one to my SIL and one to my daughter. Always on the lookout for a sewing machine needing some love! Mary

Marty said...

For sure, always have a backup. In my case my backup is my 1968 Viking 5000 that I got for my birthday that year. My regular machine is a Viking 500 I bought in 1995. That old 5000 can sew through canvas like butter! Of course that doesn't count my serger (that I really should replace) (oh yeah better keep it for a backup) and my new little embroidery machine. I think I'm sewing machine poor!

Dixie Redmond said...

I totally understand not wanting to give your machine up. I use it more than I do my stove (now that is a sad statement but true!). I now have a backup sewing machine - a Viking 5210 that my mom and the Viking representative at Joanne's coaxed back to life.


Amy said...

My machine needs to go in for a check-up also. I was told the turn-around time is 10 DAYS!!! I do have a backup machine, but I really love my main machine and just don't want to part with it for that long.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

That is too funny. I thought I was the only one. I took mine in two years ago, I had a back up at the time, which was a really ancient Singer and when I tried to use it, the table shook, and I had to do my buttonholes manually. I brought back terrible memories, and it is a wonder my creations turned out well on that machine. Needless to say, the only reason I took mine in was because the power cord's wires were coming loose and I kept using it until it wouldn't turn on anymore. LOL. I was so happy when the bill was only $20 and they cleaned it up too. The guy told me to buy a can of compressed air and use it to blow out the lint every couple of projects, and oil it every so often. It works great. P.S - I'm alittle late but I just read the comment you left me about Hillary, today. That's so funny because that's who I was going for in the beginning, but I'm still happy in the end too.

Nancy K said...

I feel your pain! My backup machine needs a trip in for overhaul and I'm not sure if I want to spend the money on it. I really want another machine, is what I really want!

Lindsay T said...

To answer the question you left on my blog about the skirt I made for my DD: The deep waistband does have a facing. There's a front waistband and a back waistband, and you cut identical facings of each. Very much like a regular skirt waistband. I finished the raw edge of the facings with bias trim.

Does that clear things up?

Thanks for reading my blog!