Monday, December 29, 2008

The KISS Jacket

As in the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid Jacket.

In November, I started making the Green Pepper Oregon Jacket for DS#1, pictured at left. He okayed it for me, so I went ahead and ordered all the notions. Not once, but twice since I lost a stopper for the drawstring.

There are a lot of little notions that go along with the jacket. First, it is lined so I needed the lining fabric. Then I needed two sizes of velcro, the separating zipper, a zipper for the inner lining pocket, the shock cord, and the little stopper-ma-jigs.

While making it, I found out that I simply couldn't do the cargo pockets with 300 weight Polarfleece. It wasn't working. Sewing through up to 4 layers of this weight is do-able. 6-8 is not. My machine doesn't cooperate with all those layers of that weight. I spent my sewing time for one day doing some really nice cargo pockets, lined and with velcro closures. But sewing them to the jacket proved impossible. @*(#(*@(*#(!#@! So I changed them to patch pockets with a day's available sewing time wasted. Moral of the story--there's a reason why Polarfleece (300 weight I might add) is not a recommended fabric on the pattern. Then I got to the zipper guards. No, that wouldn't work either with the fleece. Omitted! Ditto with the tucks and cuffs. Simple sleeve hems work well and the conversion went fine.

So tonight I get the lining all done and am ready to put in the shock cord and DS#1 says, "I like it just the way it is. I don't want any drawstrings!" Okay. The jacket was done at that point. He made it easy for me, and expensive too. I put all the extra notions in the pattern envelope. DH will get one in the future at some point. So here's the finished jacket with no drawstring hood or waist.

I should have known--KISS! My boys aren't that fussy. They don't appreciate the details. The lining is really nice--a zippered, welt-style pocket on one side and a velcro patch pocket on the other. Things he'll never use. But it's done and he's happy so I'm happy. Now I have to finish up DS#2's jeans I started a month ago and set aside to work on scarves.

Speaking of jackets, an interesting thing happened today while in the van with my daughters. DD#1 asks if she can wear my black wool pea coat to the movies tonight with her friends. I say, "What?!?! You want to wear *MY* coat???" (Said with much surprise by her fuddy-duddy mother.) She replied, "Yes! I really like that coat and I want one just like it."

"Huh?" Since when has my daughter wanted a pea coat? I told her I'm working on coats in January, and she'd like me to make one for her. Of course, here's the kicker as she never wants something easy..."I'd like it in plaid." Okay, so now I actually have to plan and think about things LOL. She can never choose simple solids. And she says, "And I want a lining." Fine, I wouldn't make a coat without lining it anyway. And...(I'm sure there will be more requests for her "simple pea coat".)

I'm off to locate a pattern for the pea coat. If anyone has any suggestions (for a trendy almost 17-year old), please let me know.


Sewfast said...

Hi Kat,
I just got my January BWOF and there is an amazing peacoat in this issue (109 A & B) I am searching for a great wool coating to make this! Mary (the one eyed pirate!)

Lindsay T said...

Pea coats are IT for the teen set. Not wanting to discourage your sewing efforts, but you may be able to find one on sale right now for about what you could make.

Kaia said...

You did a great job..! That jacket is really adorable. Well, I am too working on a Pea coat. Share with you when I will finish that.

Tamara said...

I thought the one in the January BWOF was very cute too. It is so nice that your daughter lets you sew for her. I hope my daughter still will when she is older.

angie.a said...

haha!! That sounds like my boy. But the jacket looks fabulous!