Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pulled in All Directions!

About 4 weeks ago I was having a conversation with my DS#2's dentist. She's a young mom of two, and we were talking about our daily lives. She said, "I go home, have a zillion things to do and can't even pick out which one to start!" Oh....I know how that feels. When the list is so long, which one do you pick first?

That's how I feel right now. Compounding that problem is that we had a little snowstorm yesterday. I bought a nice, new 24 HP garden tractor last June and bought the plow attachment to go with it for winter. Unfortunately, I didn't buy the chains at the time--didn't know if I would need them. Well, you should have seen DH and me removing the mower attachment, putting together the snow blade, then installing it on the tractor. I'm pretty logical, follow the instructions in the manual almost to a T. DH can usually figure out what to do but lacks patience. We were working with limited daylight hours, not always having the right tools, etc., it takes a while to get these things done and lots of interruptions in the process. So we're starting and bickering about things and I say to him, "YOU'RE the engineer! Can't you figure this out???" His response, "I failed Mechanical Drafting because I never went to class!" His degree is ChemE, not MechE LOL! You know, the only high school class I ever failed was sewing! Too busy wearing my garments to hand them in for a grade. What a great match we make, huh ;) .

However, we finally get it together and everything works fine. The snow is piling up as we're putting the finishing parts together yesterday, then he takes it out to plow. It works pretty good, but let's just say I need to get chains pronto. He kept getting stuck, then in typical man style, he doesn't listen to his wife. I told him let's just push it out. After a half hour of him trying to maneuver this big garden tractor with no chains, he finally listened to me. We'd stop the tractor, push it out, then get it going again. The job took twice as long but it's far better than aching backs for two days.

That took most of the morning and early afternoon. Around 3 we came in to start dinner and I worked on two scarves, one was a present to my daughter's pitching coach. I monogrammed the one end, and embroidered, "No. 1 Pitching Coach" on the other end. DD#2 had a lesson this morning so I was able to give it to her along with a gift card. Really, four scarves could have been completed but I kept having embroidery machine tension issues. It seem like the upper tension changes during the stitchout. I'll set it to a good tension, then my machine will make noise and I'll find the tension is really tight. Other times the machine will jam because the tension became non-existent. Those machine tension issues became one major tension headache for me. I was happy to go to bed. And I'm getting the upper tension loopies from time to time again. Really frustrating!

Let's see how my machine is today. Hopefully it will be a better embroidery day.

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