Monday, November 17, 2008

Sewing like a Mad Woman!

That's what I've been doing--sewing and cutting like there's no tomorrow. No pics yet though. Unfortunately. Both night pants are done--mine and DD#2's. Last night I finished DD#2's red, sweatshirt fleece sweatpants with the team embroidery logo and name down the side of the left leg. (Shoutout to Mary on this! Thanks, Mary!! That team logo is really coming in handy. Over the weekend I embroidered a RTW AC Moore t-shirt with the team logo too :) . ) I'm really doing a lot more embroidery lately, and the girls seem to be very interested in this. DD#2 wants "personalized" sweatpants and her name embroidered on a sports jacket I just bought her. DD#1 chose not to buy the team jacket for $54 and plans on going to our local sporting goods store to pick out a style and have me do the embroidery on the front, which is two crisscrossed tennis rackets with her name and graduation year.

The embroidery is going okay. I'm learning a lot while doing it. Which stabilizer is working better, adjusting the tensions just right, finding what works and what doesn't. My only pet peeve is when my thread gets caught on the spindle and/or the end of the sewing spool of my embroidery machine. It just might be the brand of sewing spools I'm using which lends itself to this, but it's a pain in the a$$. It jams up in the area and the thread won't feed, which results in the bobbin threads pulling up tight, then about 30 seconds later the machine beeps and stops.

Today I'll whip up one more pair of sweatshirt fleece sweatpants in black for DD#2. This one will be quick because she doesn't want embroidery on the black ones. The grey ones (planned for tomorrow) will have her school name/mascot on the left leg with "SOFTBALL" going down the side. This should satisfy her demand for more sweatpants :) . There are no complaints about baggy crotch/back seat and too short legs either. She usually has to roll over the waist two or three times to bring the crotch up, then the pants are woefully short. She gets her 34" inseam, short crotch depth, lower front made to order!'s plans after the gym:
  1. Cut out the black sweatpants and sew them up.
  2. Cut out two pairs of denim jeans for DS#2
  3. Cut out the interfacing for DS#1's Oregon Jacket.
  4. Cut out a sample scarf for Christmas present sewing.
  5. Work on the softball embroidery design.
  6. Write out detailed lesson plans for my Beginner Sewing I class.

My scissors and rotary cutter are going to be smokin'!


Tamara said...

I hope your girls appreciate how lucky they are to get custom made sweats. :)

Keely said...

Wow! Sewing madly indeed - your girls are very lucky.