Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not Finding What You Need!

Darn! It's really frustrating!!! I posted a question a day or so ago at Patternreview about needing a boys jacket pattern with a hood. It HAS to have a hood unlike DS#2 who didn't want a hood. DS#1 MUST have one, or so he says.

I can't find anything on-line. I was hoping to hit the Butterick sale at Joann's this weekend, but it's shaping up to be busy so it's a lack of time issue at this point. Looking through my stash, I do have The Green Pepper's Men's Oregon Jacket packet. DS#1 is 12 so I could make him the smallest size. However, fleece is his fabric of choice and, after reading over the pattern instructions and fabric recommendations, I don't think fleece is a good option.

So, back to the pattern drafting board. Why I'm so resistant to drafting a simple little hood I don't know. But that is what I'm going to do. Use the boy's McCall's jacket pattern I just made for DS#2 and morph the KS pullover neckline and hood onto the pattern.

Do you know why I'm so against this? Because my brain is tired! I've been doing so much thinking and planning lately that I just want to do mindless, yet enjoyable, sewing. Creating an easy, nice-looking garment which requires virtually no thought. That's what I want to do. Oh well, we don't always get what we want. So pattern drafting it is.

Today's sewing focus for this Saturday, November 1, will be creating a backing for my quilt squares and sewing the squares together. Sunday will be for measuring and sewing the sashing (is that what it is called?), then early next week will be the quilt batting (if I even need it--this is fleece material I'm working on), and attaching the backing. The other focus is finishing up DD#2's skirt for the banquet tomorrow.


Sewfast said...

Yikes, Girlfriend! Sounds like your brain is on overload!!! You have a lot on your plate and your classes too! I don't know if you quilt alot, but I was going to recommend quilt basting spray if your quilt is very big. I don't use it on smaller projects like wall hangings or baby quilts, but on bigger quilts it sure helps keep the layers where they are supposed to be! I also am very careful just to use a small amount and spray it on the batting rather than the quilt top or backing. Good luck with all your projects...hope you get some peace of mind sewing soon! Mary

Dawn said...

I didn't see your post at PAtternREview or would have commented. I made the child's size for that Oregon jacket and my son loves it. I can pictures of the hood pieces if you want. Here's my blog post about it:

Hopw that helps!

Keely said...

Hopefully after a bit of sewing you'll be feeling refreshed. :) If you have a Kwik Sew hoodie pattern, why not just cut it up the middle to turn it into a jacket?