Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Another Day

Strange and unexpected things happen to me all the time.

Take that waistband elastic I bought at Ursula's store 2 or 3 days ago. It sprouted feet and walked away. Didn't like my messy house I guess. So this afternoon I headed up to her store again to my another roll of elastic. I need it NOW. Unfinished projects on the couch at this time of year are certainly not needed, nor wanted. The last pair of DD#2's sweatpants are waiting for elastic and they're done. Last night I did all the embroidery and rehooping for the large vertical design down the leg. First time I've had to do that was this week on the red and grey pairs. I found a great hooping tip and a nice topping idea that I'll share when I review the pants.

With all the embroidery I'm doing lately, DH says I should purchase Embird Studio. Wow! I surely never expected him to say that! The poor man always feels neglected because of my sewing. However, even he can see the advantages of having digitizing software, thanks to Mary :) !

Tonight I begin working on DS#1's Oregon jacket. The jacket, lining, and interfacing are all cut out and marked. Now it's time to get down to business with it. It has maybe 10 pieces, and it's been a long time since I've made anything over 7 or 8 pieces. I'll probably have to think a little when making the jacket.

When I cut out the jacket, I've decided on my 2009 Sewing Resolution: Down and Dirty Sewing! There's a vintage Vogue suit pattern that's been in my stash for two years. Ditto with Vintage jacket and dress. I'm going back to "thinking woman's sewing". Back to blazers, suits, and the more complicated garments. Part of this is attributed to my teaching sewing at Ursula's store so I need to refresh my memory of some of the more advanced sewing skills necessary for these patterns.

Speaking of Ursula, don't forget! If anyone is in the Poconos on Black Friday, Ursula is having a 40% off sale--ALL fabrics. Only fabrics. It's the once-ever sale. Her website is:

Maybe I'll see you there!


Sewfast said...

Hi Kat, Glad to hear you are going to get Embird will love it! Do you already have Font Engine? I use that an awful lot and you can get free TTF (of course, not all fonts look that great digitized speaking from experience...LOL!) I know what you mean about things sprouting legs...still haven't found my EMP6 manual! Mary

2BSewing: said...

Kat...great idea on relearning and refreshing your memory for your upcoming sewing classes. When I was teaching, I had a lot of discussions on different kinds of garments and how to sew them and fitting issues. The students can really ask some great questions that can keep you on your toes. Susan