Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a Bit of Time

I don't have very much time this morning to post, but I'll do what I can. Thanksgiving week is upon us here in the US, and I have to start making my pie crusts today. I'm particularly annoyed because I forgot to buy the foil pie tins and every store is probably out. The upside to this (which is also a downside) is that I might have to go out and buy pie pans. That will be way more expensive than the foil, disposable tins; however, in the long run I'll never have to buy the disposable ones again.

Last night I went to a ladies' night out church "dinner". My friend invited me and it was lovely--just desserts and appetizers were served. Every attendee brought a dish along with a bottle. The lucky ones were able to have their hubbies drive them to and from. My friend who invited me was my sorority sister in college and my DH joked, "She's not getting a keg???" No, she has graduated to wine LOL. There were endless bottles of white and red wine at every table. It was a semi-formal event with appetizers served first, followed by a church prayer service for about half hour, then we returned to the church hall for dessert. It was a really nice event.

I wore the Textile Studio Madison Avenue dress below to the Ladies' night out event. It was a UFO for the longest time because I accidentally pressed the CF seam and got an imprint. Then I had to embellish it to cover up that mistake which took about 9 mos. Embellish, run out, embellish, run out, finally finished. Each one applied by hand--it took forever! Every time I ran out of crystals, I'd order more. Then they would arrive and I wouldn't be in my creative groove for a while. Anyway, I really love the dress, but something about it has been bothering me and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Finally, right before leaving last night, it dawned on me what I needed to do. Here's the dress:

And here's what needs to be done below. I drew a pic of the silhouette of the way it now looks on the left. For it to be more flattering on me, I need to nip in the side seams in the mid thigh area to look like the illustration on the right. I'll work on that sometime this week. This is such a lovely holiday dress and I want to love wearing it, not just like wearing it. Didn't have my suck-it-in shapewear on either last night and a dress like this begs for it. I had to suck it in myself with no help from spandex. I was terribly disappointed with my new Hanes Smooth Illusions pantyhose. Years ago they made them in ultra smoothing tightness. They are not that way now and it was a waste of $9 for those hose.

Moving on, here's the pile of notions, fabric, and lining for my oldest son's jacket. I started separating the pieces while watching TV on Friday night, but quickly realized that I need to do this at the kitchen table with no background noise. There are left and right fabric pieces, left and right lining pieces, and I don't want to screw up making two lefts and no rights. That is something I hope to get started with today while the kids are at school. It is perfectly quiet right now,l and the kerosene heater is providing some wonderful super toasty warmth. The kids love when I fire it up on cold, get-ready-for-school mornings. We just hauled it up from the basement family room this weekend just for that purpose.

Okay, now I have to face the day.


Rhoto said...

"There were endless bottles of white and red wine at every table." You have a "fun" church, eh!! Your outfit is beautiful!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Lindsay T said...

Excellent fix for that lovely dress. Need a photo of you in it, of course.

P.S. My blog is still around even though you might get an error message. I am converting to a new domain and the transition takes a few days. Don't forget me! Happy Thanksgiving.

2BSewing: said...

Love what you did with your dress. That's a lot of crystals. Sounds like you had a wonderful night out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Your dress is beautiful! I could never pull something like that off...not without my shapewear arsenal. Between my Spanx and my new favorite shapewear line, Slimpressions, I could be accused of false advertising!