Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving Right Along

The nightpants are done, both mine and DD#2's. Here is DD#2 modeling hers:

These are those "astroturf" fleece pants. But oh how comfy and warm they are!!! Her legs look short and kind of stumpy in this pic, but trust me, she has at least a 34" inseam on the legs.

Here are two pairs of sweatshirt fleece sweatpants that are finished (the red ones and the black ones). The red ones have the softball team logo on them, with the team name and the word "SOFTBALL" vertically placed on the left pant leg. (She likes them! :) ). I ordered the sweatshirt fleece from SewZannes Fabrics, and we were both happy with it. We examined the fiber content on a RTW pair of her softball sweatpants and the fabric from SewZannes is virtually identical to her RTW ones. About the same weight too.

Her last pair, the grey ones in the pic, are waiting for embroidery. That's what I was working on tonight--a sample stitchout. The grey pair will be the school team mascot with the logo and the word "SOFTBALL" stitched vertically down the leg, the same type of style as the red pair. The jeans are DS#2's. He's been patiently waiting for more jeans, and I had to size up from his jeans sloper to account for growth. This is his wearable muslin pair. He has to try them on again but wasn't in the mood tonight. I need to determine exactly where he wants his waistline before attaching the patch pockets to the backside.

Here's my embroidery machine getting a workout on the stitch sample for the grey sweatpants. Unfortunately, once I got to the word part of the stitch sample, the embroidery machine bugged out. Must be something wrong with the design but the machine locked up again and again when I tried to advance to the last thread color change for the words. It was okay, and I was able to finish the sample be creating a separate design with just the words to finish it up.

And who did a wonderful job tonight organizing my embroidery threads and clipping the wayward thread tails? DS#2, of course. He is very meticulous and organized. He was also very thrilled to organize my thread box! What a guy!!

And last, but not least, here's that RTW top I had to fix for DD#2's Field Hockey banquet. I took off the bottom band, stitched the CF seam below the empire waist band (it was open and not appropriate for a girl her age), and has the lace insert I created at the V for a modesty panel. For a girl who lives in sweatpants and sport pants every day of the school year, this style is quite a change for her. She didn't complain about it one bit either. Do I detect a hint of change? That's fine if it doesn't include boys LOL. Her fashion style (well, lack of it) is a 180 from her fashion diva older sister. She's into the sporty look, definitely not the runway styles.

And now I'm off to bed! Things have been really cooking here, and I'm really tired. The downside of being so busy is that I'm so far behind in blog reading. I'm hoping to catch up with it this weekend.


Lindsay T said...

Whoa, you have been busy! I should make some fleece pants for DD and DS.

2BSewing: said...'ve been cranking out some serious sewing projects. Great job with modifying the RTW top. Your DD#2 looks cute in it. Keep posting about your embroidery projects...great reminder that I really need to get that hobby started again.