Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Sewing

Tonight I finished up the jacket lining for DS#1's Green Pepper Oregon Jacket. Here it is on the couch:

This is absolutely a terrific jacket pattern! The instructions are so wonderfully written, the kind that makes you wish all patterns were written this way. Very detailed and leaves nothing to the imagination. The only thing I don't like about this project is that my son will not appreciate all the little pattern details like the ones shown in the photo above--the velcro pocket on the left and the zippered pocket on the right. And that's in the lining! Really, I should have left those out. I will be absolutely amazed if he ever uses them. DH, on the other hand, would appreciate those things. I will be making this jacket again for him, so I guess all these little details will make me prepared for his when I get to it.

Also, while doing the velcro pocket on the front lining piece, I really discovered how much I love Washaway Wonder Tape. I used it to attach the velcro pieces in an exact position on the lining which made stitching them to the fabric so easy. No shifting, no fussy-ness. Really very pleasant and that's how sewing should be :) . Here is a pick of the marked position (in light pencil) where the velcro should be placed. The Wonder Tape was just applied to the back of the velcro, ready for the strip to be removed to adhere it onto the jacket front. Wonder Tape is exactly that--a wonder! I just love that stuff.

Now I have to mix the creme filling for my pumpkin roll. To all my US sewing cohorts--Happy Thanksgiving. Eat, drink, and be merry! And spend a whole bunch of time sewing this weekend instead of shopping ;) .

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angie.a said...

This looks fabulous. I really need this pattern, I've seen it a couple of times this fall now and both times i thought so!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Just waiting on the potatoes to finish before we head out the door!)