Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Down.

One pair of lounge pants down, one more to go. DD#2 tried on my pair and I'll make minor pattern tweaks to her liking. She likes her front waistband low and a little more room in the upper thigh. I'm doing something right--she said, "You made those pants in a day?" :) . Try 4 hours on and off between making dinner, picking up her sister, doing dishes, etc. That's pretty good for this slow sewer. The secret? Shhhh! I used my serger whenever I could. She doesn't understand that though. I'll let her be impressed with my "speedy sewing".

DD#1 and DH were less than impressed with the fabric LOL. One of them commented, "It looks like astroturf." It kind of does. The loopy/curly green fleece does indeed look like artifical turf. But it sure is SOFT! I'm wearing them right now and am thinking of making a lounge top to go with the pants for cold winter nights.

Maybe some pics tomorrow. DD#2's pair should be able to be whipped up in no time too.

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