Monday, November 3, 2008

Chinese Auction Quilt Part 1

Here is the front, semi finished. DD#2 convinced me to add the girls names in the white blocks. Working on that tomorrow because my test embroidery is done. So far, it meets her "Seal of Approval". I cut out the center square of the back. That will have the name of the team and possibly the full names and numbers of each girl on the 14U softball roster.

An hour ago I emailed the team logo to find out how much it would cost to digitize it. Just wondering, because I highly doubt a turnaround time of two days, probably impossible. The quilt has to be ready by Saturday night so I can assemble the basket.

The back squares must be assembled tomorrow, and I'll need to get at least two squares of embroidery names done on the front. At this point, I have to stay on task. There is no time that can be wasted.


Sewfast said...

Hey Kat,
I might be able to digitize the logo for you if it isn't too complicated. I'm pretty fair with Embird. Send me the image to and I'll give it a go. Mary

Kat said...

Mary, you are a saint for offering! I'll send it to you, but if it's too much trouble or time, please do not bother. It would be very nice to have it, but I can get by without it.