Thursday, November 6, 2008

Racing Against the Clock!

Today I begin that race! My quilt has to be done by Saturday night. Tomorrow I go and get the baskets for the Chinese Auction. I'm going to go to my sewing dealer this morning to get some necessary supplies first thing this morning, even before going to the gym.

I would SO much like to thank Mary! I was interested in getting a design digitized for my quilt. It would have cost me $62, and that's over 1/3 the price of Embird Studio so that was a "no thanks" kind of deal. I'd rather put that money toward the purchase but can't buy Studio right now. Anyway, Mary stepped in and offered to digitize it for me. That was so kind of her, and she emailed me the design last night. It is AWESOME!!! I'd LOVE to share it with you all, but it is a searchable, official organization. When the quilt is done, I'll show you as much as I possibly can of it. I stitched it out last night and finished it up this morning. Other than not having enough basting spray and the right stabilizer (which I'm purchasing today), the stitchout is absolutely perfect for my fleece quilt. Some lucky winner is going to be very warm and happy with early Spring softball tournaments. We bloggers are "sew" lucky to have such kind and wonderful cyber sewing friends. I was mentioning to DH that my cyber sewing friends are so much nicer than some of my "real world" friends (thinking about the latest incident I posted about the other day). This is really true because I've actually met several people in our blogging world at PR Weekend NYC the past two years, and they are just as nice as could be, always offering help and advice. We sewists are just a different kind of breed :) .

On DS#1's jacket news, I ordered all the necessary notions for the Oregon jacket from The Green Pepper. It will be more of a lightweight jacket with Polarfleece for the outer shell and the hi-count nylon tafetta for the lining. The phone rep told me I could skip the needlepunch because the fleece should have enough body in it. Come to think of it, I'll need to add WonderTape for the zipper to my must-buy notions list this morning. Once I finish the quilt, my next high priority project will be this jacket. I'll probably sew the jacket concurrently with sewing DD#2's sweatpants.

More later, I have to get ready for my busy day!

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~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

That is so wonderful of Mary, she will be blessed, and I'm so happy for you. Make sure you share your experience, and now I feel bad I haven't been to the gym in weeks. Well, at least I took the dogs for a long walk this morning. LOL