Monday, April 6, 2009

Phat Kat Pick of the Week: 4/3/07

I looked over blogs Saturday night and came up with another Pick of the Week. There are certain things I look for when making my pick.

No. 1: It has to be on a real body as opposed to a dress form. The reason being I'm looking for the "total" look. As sewers, we make a lot of things, some are duds and some are really stellar. Some look great on a dressform, but when we put it on our bodies, it just doesn't look as nice. Sewing IS important, but proportion and fit are just as important when creating the ideal look. Another issue is, the proportion and fit can be just right, but the style itself is simply not flattering. So I'm looking at everything.

So THE pick this week is found at Quality Time . Yes! This is Angie's dress. I think it looks so fab on her and I tell you why.

No. 1: It's a youthful look that looks terrific on her. I know she has two kids, is likely in her 30's, and she looks fresh out of college in this number. We all need dress like that. Her flowy hairstyle looks perfect with the dress too.

No. 2: How tall is she??? She looks 10 feet tall :) . You really can't tell. The dress elongates her figure IMO. It highlights her nice legs and arms. It's simply a really flattering style.

Way to go, Angie! I just love this style on you!!!

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angie.a said...

Ack, how'd I miss my moment of fame?!! :P Thanks Kat!!! Mwahh!