Saturday, April 4, 2009

13 Thank You's and Finished Projects

Last week I went into my daughter's Freshman Sewing class to do a presentation/activity with the class. The topic was Ribbon Roses and Ribbon Leaves. The info for the ribbon leaf can be found in my previous blog post on a ribbon leaf tutorial. It was a lot of fun, and a great embellishing activity to decorate their projects. A few days ago, DD#2 left a yellow envelope on my rocker. I picked it up, wondering what was inside, and found 13 Thank You notes from her class. Back to the class sewing projects, justwhat were they? Really super ones! They've made decorative samplers, craft caddies, aprons, small backpacks, and needlework. When they finished sewing their aprons, they tie-dyed them in class.

I'll post pics of most of her projects in the next few days. I thought her work was particularly outstanding for a beginner. She did, of course, take a beginner sewing class when she was 8 at our local Sew and Vac and made shorts and a fleece top so she's not a total sewing newbie, but the girl has talent. In fact, she left her apron folded on our living room rocker and when I picked it up I commented to myself, "Was this the apron she made in class? It can't be. The stitching lines look so nice and straight!" Three days later she asks, "Mom, where is that apron that I left on the rocker?" To which I responded, "That's not the one you made, is it?" She absolutely surprised me and said it was. It simply was such nice work.

Some day. Some day I tell you. She'll realize sewing is fun and she'll sit down at the machine and won't want to get back up. Not yet though. But I have to believe it will happen.

Anyway, I finally finished that super easy cape from the Sew Everything Workshop book. It's so easy, but a lot of handsewing drudgery. Very important stuff, IMO, to teach a beginning sewer how to do, but I much prefer to bag a lining. Anything but handsewing for me. It had to be done, though, for my beginning sewing students. It's nice to actually see the garment made up beforehand. Also made a matching skirt. In fact, I want to shout to the world, "Yeah! Go ahead and look up my skirt!" :) . Inside you will find an underlined skirt with lining fabric with a nice Hong Kong finish for the seams. I should have mitered the corners of the vent but simply didn't remember to do until the hemline was completely done. The hemline edge was bound in the same fabric as the Hong Kong finish.

Also, the bustier is completely finished and I made a matching skirt. The bustier is a floral print, the skirt is black with a matching floral godet at the CB ceam in the back where the slit would be. I used Roberta Carr's Couture Sewing book to create the godet.

Both skirts were made from my self-drafted pattern. I really love that pattern, and it's so helpful and enjoyable to simply be able to whip up a pattern and not worry too much about fit since those issues have already been worked out.

In addition, I made 12 individual gifts with embroidery for DD#2's travel softball team. I'd love to take a pic of those but can't due to privacy reason.

Haven't decided what to work on next for myself, but I have to get started on DD#2's semi-formal dress and a Chinese Auction basket for the school softball team's fundraiser dance. Trying to do some stash reduction as well.

Pics ARE forthcoming.


gwensews said...

I'm always glad to hear when young people are sewing. It sounds like your daughter is a budding seamstress. In her own time and own way, that is.

angie.a said...

Aw, how wonderful that they wrote thank you's!! I've tried to drill that into my kids, but who knows what sticks! :D I've noticed lots of kids at school that are interested in sewing these days too.