Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Love to Sweat!

We just recovered from record-setting heat, and in the interim I'm making a "Comfort" basket for the Basket Auction at my daughter's school softball fundraiser dance. While it was hot as heck outside, I'm inside making cold-weather gear. And it's just as hot inside until I turn on the air conditioners. I'm SO not ready for warm weather.

Of course, I wasn't supposed to sweat for a week as per the doctor's orders regarding my incision. And, *of course*, I had to pick probably the only week in spring where my area sets some heat records. And I'm working with fleece! It is VERY hard not to sweat under these circumstances. So today I was mighty happy to have reached Day 8. Today I could sweat! And the temps have dropped down to a high of about 62 degrees...

I've been in serious doldrums about going to the gym, but today I was happy about it. I loved to sweat. Starting to get back into a normal routine, and I was even able to throw some baseballs overhand. The only drawback is I still have the clear patch covering my incision. My ultra sensitive skin that is prone to "band-aid rash" is now itchy from the clear patch. The edges are coming off little by little, but I'm hoping that sweating will encourage more to come off.

Enough about sweating, even though I'm enjoying it.

Here are the projects I'm working on for the Softball Fundraiser Basket. They're all cut out and in the process of being embroidered. My embroidery machine is humming away as I type this post.

What's going in the basket? Here's the list:

1. 2 scarves (one for Mom, one for Dad)

2. 2 hats (again, one for Mom, one for Dad)

3. 2 softball headbands for cold outdoor practices

4. 1 seat cushion

They have to be done by Saturday so I'm busy, busy, busy! I haven't touched the semi-formal dress for pattern alterations but probably will do so tomorrow as I finish the embroidery. I had to redesign the headband because I just didn't like the design in my Great Copy Patterns book. I've made the headband many times before and decided to change it so it looks more like some of the RTW styles I've seen on the girls.

Also, please say a prayer for my MIL. She undergoes surgery tomorrow. She was in a serious car accident and came out virtually unscathed except for a fractured vertebrae in her neck. It should be a short operation to insert a pin in it. This is the woman that defies all traditional notions of aging. She's going to be 90 in December and looks, acts, and dresses like she's 55 or 60. I'm not kidding. She sharp as a tack and nothing gets by her. She still lives on her own, in her own house, is frequently in the paper and on the regional news for her volunteer work. She helps out a lot of "old" people (she is not one of them though ;) ) as well as young ones. Two months ago she was on the news being interviewed on how she helps out individuals and families with the community tax program. Still, there are surgical risks for a person her age. So if you can, say some prayers for her tonight please.

On a side note, if you a regular reader of my blog, you might remember my post on the 7 Things I Hate About Spring. Well there are about 5 or 6 things I hate about the habits of gym members. The little things that really irritate me. In order to get these things of my chest (or my case--my itchy back), I'll let the world know what they are:

1. Don't laugh or sing when you're on the cardio machines. I can time your laughter virtually every 20 seconds. And if your laugh is the most irritating laugh on the planet, it drives EVERYONE up the wall. Please, keep your singing in the shower unless you're an American Idol contestant and actually very good. And DON'T, I repeat DON'T sing along with your Ipod. I can hear you and you DON'T sound anything like Beyonce. Trust me on that.

2. Don't talk to yourself. It's distracting. And don't talk to me either. I'm trying to keep my focus. This is my workout time, not a socializing activity for me. Get in and get out. Me time. Not you and me time.

3. Wash your hands. Probably my biggest peeve of all. This one lady uses the toilet, then walks right out to use the machines. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Your personal hygiene habits make me cringe. And the last time this lady held the door open for me, it was an "Eww...gross" kind of moment. My daughters are aware of who this person is too. Sadly, she is not the only offender.

4. Don't hog the machines. You sit there. I wait. You sit there. I do cardio. You sit there. I do more machines. Why do you even go to the gym? You want to sit? Stay home.

5. Cover tattoos in *those* places. This is specifically for the lady with the tatoo above her butt crack. From a distance, it looks like an extension of her butt crack. It is not flattering.

That's pretty much it. Thanks for letting me vent. That embroidery humming is making me sleepy. 1 more minute and it's finished!


robin said...

I'll say a prayer for your MIL. That is great that she is so vibrant at her age. My grandma was like that too - walked two miles a day every day until she passed away.

You'll catch up on the dress alterations quickly once you get into it.

Ewww on the people that don't wash their hands. And people wonder how stuff like swine flu spreads.

Rhoto said...

Hello again!! How is your MIL faring?
Another ?... I've just bought my 3rd junk pedometer. Do you know of a good brand/model I can TRY to get in Canada ;)!!
Soft hugs,
Less of Rhonda in Montreal

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Sounds adorable. I hope these kids appreciate all we go through when they get older. Honestly, I think I get more out of doing the extras then they do.