Friday, April 24, 2009

Muslin on the Model

Here's DD#2 wearing muslin 1.1 tonight.

I think I'm going to add more gathers under the bust. Just a tad. The pattern was drafted to fit, but I think just a little more width by adding some gathering would be more flattering and make her A-cups look a little bigger. On the flip side, no cleavage is allowed to be shown at the school's semi-formal so all girls in the IBTC should consider themselves lucky. They can get away with a v-neck halter! She's only a freshman so I'm sure she's not finished "growing".

Never mind the bad muslin sewing...noticeable tuck in the right front near the armhole LOL.

I'm using her RTW top from her sports banquet last fall shown at right as my guideline. Also thinking maybe the straps could be a little thinner at the top shown on the muslin so it's more like the RTW top. Looking at the McCall's Hillary Duff dress pattern (5748), the straps on that one seem thinner too. The straps on her dress will criss-cross in the back and will be attached at the top back edge. They don't have to be like that, but I have "neck knot" avoidance. If I have that, she will likely have it too. She's a fussy girl that way like her momma.

Any other design/alteration advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe others will see things and/or recommend things I'm not noticing.

Well, enough of muslins right now. Waiting for my other daughter to get home from her date with her boyfriend so I'll work on cutting out some fabric.


~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

She's so pretty Kat. You don't need any advice, you know exactly what you're doing. :0)

2BSewing: said...

Nice muslin. I would definitely go with your changes...add a few gathers under the bust and narrowing the straps. I like the style. :)

Connie B said...

Looking good so far Kat. Here is my 2 cents about patterns. I find that often they are just "not enough". If there are gathers, they are to skimpy. Straps are often too wide or too far apart. I often choose a pattern, thinking from the picture that it would be the be all and end all, just to find out that there was a lot of creative licence going on!
I think your idea of looking at other styles for "advice" is spot on!

Sherril said...

Hi Kat, what a good Mama you are to work so hard on this dress. It's looking really great. Your additional gathers to the skirt may fix this minor issue, but I see a swag forming on the skirt between the hips. There may be too much length at center front on the skirt. I've been having the same problem on a top, but the swag is between my breasts. No a good look, for sure.

Rhoto said...

Hi Kat!! What does DD#2 think about her new dress-to-be??!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)