Monday, April 20, 2009

Down and Dirty Muslin

Here's my Simplicity (well, not really...see below) fugly muslin I whipped up today for DD#2. It's on my dressform. Our figures are similar in certain areas, however, she's more broader across the upper chest and back. Guess that's what softball pitching will do sometimes :) .

Technically, I self drafted this pattern from the photo/illustration on the cover. I didn't realize at first that the curved midriff band is only attached at the top seam as a flap. It's really not a band. However, I like the way I drafted it better. I don't want the flap sticking out in this area. In addition, I originally had the pleats stitched down 1 1/2" from the seam. Upon closer inspection of the pattern, the pleats should end at the bottom edge of the band. So I seam ripped the pleats right up to the seamline. It looks much better this way and was looking quite odd stitched down.

Here's the muslin right now on the above right.
I wasn't going to fuss with the straps on this muslin and just cut some 1/4" ribbon as pretend straps. The only alteration I had to do was let out the side seams a tad. DD#2 does NOT like things tight. The girl is no fashion diva and lives in sweatpants, sweatshirts, tees, and sports shorts. Jeans are like a dirty 5-letter word to her LOL. She never wears anything snug or tight. So this dress feels...not so good to her. Her comment, "It's snug!" Well, it IS supposed to be a little form fitted from the band up.

I do think halter straps would be more flattering on her though. We're going to experiment with 1" straps simulated with 1" ribbon tomorrow. If that doesn't look quite right, we'll try a halter top change. If the halter style is a better look on her (which I think it might be), I'll just modify the pattern. The halter style is more slimming for her upper body.
On to other news, on Sunday I found out I'm a great aunt, for the first time. How about that! I have to cut out the material for a baby quilt and embroider it. Minky on one side, cotton flannel on the other. It will be so cozy!

In addition, Robin and Laura both posted/emailed me regarding my Sunday Night Question thread about the annoyance of TOO much info. I have to agree with this. Some companies are sparse with info, some go overboard. I know, I can't please everybody. But going back to the Big 4 pattern instructions, that's probably why I generally like them Not too much, not too little, and I change/supplement with info in my sewing library or actual experience.

Looking forward to three sewing packages in the mail. One includes elastic needed for DD#2's flannel, embroidered softball pants, cotton batiste to line some capris I was supposed to make last summer, microfleece for sewing projects for a fundraiser softball dance, boob tape and other sewing/fitting gadgetry for DD#1's prom dress, etc.

Tomorrow I'll post the fab fabrics I purchased at JoAnn's for DD#1's dress, shawl and purse. BTW, can anybody recommend a great shawl/coverup pattern for a fancy semi-formal and prom dress? I'd like to make one for both to wear.

ETA--I apologize in advance for not posting alterations/pattern drafting info. I'm testing out a few concepts by making dresses for daughter, my friends and/or their daughters. Will get back to you all on that.


2BSewing: said...

The dress muslin is looking good! I love the style.

gwensews said...

Looking good! I sounds like you have a lot of projects in your queue. I'm looking foward to your pics.