Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Magic of 31

As I ponder what to do next for sewing, in addition to running measurements on and doing a muslin for DD#2's semi-formal dress, I discovered I had reached a momentous milestone while at the gym. I've been a gym member for the past 11 out of 12 years, mostly hardworking, but periods of not so regular attendance occasionally.

During one of my not-so-hardworking periods, I had to get a tetanus shot after sitting on my carpet and getting (what else!) a long quilting pin jabbed deep into my right calf muscle. It wasn't fun pulling it out either. When I go to my GP, she always takes weight and BP. She informed me my BP was 135/75. I told her I'd lose at least 10 lbs and headed straight to the gym vowing to get back to a regular cardio/weightlifting schedule.

I did. And minus a prescription along with hard work, my BP is very much normal and down. Also, the girls work out too which is nice. I've waited so long for them to join me, and it's finally nice to have part of my family working out with me at the same time when they can. It doesn't seem that long ago that they were toddlers waving to me at the playroom window while I was working out.

That was around the age of 31. My magic gym number. You see, that was the year of my peak physical fitness--the best in my life. Then I became pregnant with baby no. 4 and had to tone down my cardio workouts to keep my heart rate no more than 140. Still lifted weights but no abs as per my OB/GYN's instructions. That led to the easiest C-section delivery known to woman LOL. I was able (given the go-ahead by my doctor) to resume lifting weights at 3 weeks for upper and lower body, and start light ab work at 6 weeks. Even DH comments that my C-section was a "piece of cake". We both thought it was going to be a big issue, and it wasn't.

After that, I came close at times to reaching the a physical fitness level close to what I was at 31, but never reached it. Until now. Two years ago, I made the committment to get back to my fitness peak at that magic age. It took almost two years to get there the first time, and it has been about the same this time. With one caveat. I can assure you I have to work harder at getting there with my 42-year old body than my former 31-year old one. Believe it when people tell you things get harder after 40. What I used to be able to accomplish in 1 1/2-2 hour workouts 3X/week now takes 5X/week. A typical workout week is 3 days/week weightlifting, 5 days/week cardio and abs.

Cardio-wise, I'm about 98% of what I was at 31. As for weightlifting, I'm way over my 31-year old level at about 115-120% of muscular fitness. Overall, I'm more fit. And I'm not slacker. I work out hard, really hard. I push myself to my physical limits in both areas, and my shirt is soaked when I'm done with my workouts. My focus the past year has been to bulk up. Not like a female bodybuilder, but enough that people will notice that I work out. My least favorite thing to do is ab work. But I do it. Every day I'm at the gym I work 'em hard.

I've finally reached the magic of 31. Again. It feels good. SO good. Now I have to get ready to go work out with my girls :) .

Feel the power, women! Stay strong!!


Rhoto said...

WOW Kat!! Soooo neat that you talk about FIT!! I talk about "s, so it's more fashion/body self-esteem :(
You goooooo, girl!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Sigrid said...

Every day! That's an achievement. I started workouts again (after hiatus) last October with DD, and it pays off in better condition and some weight loss. 2 kilo's to go before I allow myself to make new pants.