Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muslin Analysis

One great thing about the Internet--comments and suggestions! So after reading comments, there are some muslin issues to be addressed.

Susan concurred--add a few gathers under the bust and narrow the straps.

Sherril is seeing too much length at the CF on the front skirt piece. I agree. This was my gut feeling, and I'm glad Sherril mentioned this.

Kim noted that I don't need any advice and know exactly what I'm doing (Kim, you're too kind! I'm just muddling through...)

Connie mentioned about patterns that are just often "...not enough" referencing the bust gathering. That would actually be my own pattern drafting faux pas. When I drafted it, I could see the dart was small but decided to go with the draft to see how it would look. Not good enough, so more will be added. The beauty of learning by doing!

Rhonda asked what DD#2 thinks of her dress. Right now, she's actually more interested in me getting her softball pants finished ;) .

All these things are are just the front view, of course, that I posted. On the back skirt piece, I'm seeing the reverse problem of the front--too little at the CB. The left underarm top edge is a little shorter than the right according to DD#2.

Overall though, these are basically minor fit issues going on here. They're all easy corrections. So that's what I'll be working on the next few days. I'll make up a second muslin in plain 'ol cotton muslin and see how it looks.

Today I didn't feel like working on pattern alterations at all. The air smells of baseball and softball, and I LOVE watching the games. It was also picture day and Opening Day ceremonies. So by the time I arrived home for good, it was 5:30 and I was exhausted. I fixed myself a nice drink, read the paper, made some burgers, made cookies, and ate my popcorn. Oh! I even won a basket at the Opening Day ceremonies! How cool is that? Lots of snacks in it and three DVD's.

9:30 rolled around and I decided to pull out the baby quilt material and start working on it. Just a little start, but now I'm off to do research on mitering quilt corner bindings. I'm assuming it's like mitering a vent corner, but we'll see. I'm no quilter.


gwensews said...

"Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and lemonade"--as the song goes. An American dream!

You'll work out the small details on the dress and it will be beautiful!

Lindsay T said...

Love seeing your progress on this dress, as my DD has asked me to get going on some sundresses for her.