Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's Wrong With This Pic?

Take a look. What do you see besides an obscure view out of my front window?

Yes, @"*#)@*#! You see a flaw in a piece of my patterned Slinky fabric. I'm making Simplicity 4074, the wrap dress. This was *supposed* to be a good dress. It's okay, I'll need a black slip. But still. When I bought this fabric, I thought that snag was a crease in the fabric. It's on several pieces of the dress in different places. I created princess seams on the back and it's on the lower parts of two of the pattern pieces. Now it's on a front side panel.

So what gives? It hasn't been the best week, certainly not the worst, but happy that it's almost over. First that crappy plaid (of which I purchased more last night to cut the front pieces--blech!), then getting rear ended (thank you, everyone, for your kind words), then taking it easy the day of the accident and making this dress, only to find there's that "lovely" snag. It shouldn't be that noticeable with a slip, but still. It has jaded my view on this project from what should have been a pretty decent wrap dress.

So...the positive points:

The good thing is, it it will still be wearable.

Healthwise, other than just a very mildly sore front/side neck muscle which only is a little achy a couple times during the day, my health is absolutely fine. The only time it slightly bothered me yesterday at the gym was doing situps on a steep incline on the incline bench. And when I lifted my head to rest it on my pillow while lying on my side. Other than a few moments here and there, I feel absolutely fine.

The lounge pants? They'll get made. And so what if the stripes are off--they pants are not for me LOL.

In the grand scheme of things, life is good. Don't sweat the small stuff.


Rhoto said...

"doing situps on a steep incline on the incline bench."
And I'M proud of my 18.32 min mile on my treadmill ;) :(
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Tamara said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep taking it a bit easy. What a bummer about the fabric. And after all that work! At least it is still wearable. Can't wait to see pics.

Sigrid said...

Good you feel better and glad you can remain seeing the bright sight. I would feel horrible about the fabric and be down for 1 or 2 days.

2BSewing: said...

I was reading your previous post...glad to hear that you are fine.

Hey...I'm about 15 miles south of Sterling. :)

Angela said...

I have been boycotting sheer fabrics for exactly that reason!! I loathe snags.

Be careful with that neck injury. I hope you feel better quickly.